Who is Really Directing Your Life? A guide to Active Awareness - Part 4

Louharya | 13.06.2020

This is the fourth and last part on the subject “Who is Really Directing your Life? A guide to 'Active Awareness'.

In the previous part, I described the different systems of influence, how the human psyche is mapped-out and monitored, and how the expected reactions are used to gain control, to manipulate and navigate personal consciousness, and to influence and create trends within the collective consciousness.

In this chapter, I will describe a process that will allow you to break free of these influences and live a life where you are in control of your own consciousness and your psyche.

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Part 4 -  Breaking Free

Corporations, political parties, and other vested interest groups play with human consciousness, manipulate and navigate it, by using an ability to predict and anticipate behavioral reactions and create the desired influence.

These vested interest groups understand, in great detail, the automatic human response to certain situations, based on the familiar and known mechanisms of the psyche. 

In order to free oneself from these influences, the psyche needs to be transformed and extricate from these familiar and known patterns, some of which are negative and addictive, and release automatic responses that are widespread among humanity and have become the norm (even when they are distorted, false, and harmful).

If you want to be free of the influences I have described, you need to go “beyond the norm”, create change and renewal, let go of what is considered normal, and go against the tide. You will need to enhance the state of “Active Awareness” I have described, and learn to observe personal and collective processes from a higher perspective, noticing the different tendencies and systems of influence, without being identified or influenced by them. 

As long as you react using the familiar and known mechanisms of the psyche - you are being controlled.

As long as you have not created an ability to see things from a higher and broader perspective that is not influenced by distorted narratives and tainted by vested interests, fake news, polarized and negative thinking, or emotional overflow - you are subject to control and manipulation.

As long as you seek to fill an inner void with different entertainment and media channels, social networks, or consumerism - you will find yourselves sucked into an endless loop that continually strengthens the experience of lack, feeling disconnected, and separate, while feeding addictions that cloud your true and authentic identity. 

The key to freedom is seeded within the willingness to be present and maintain inner balance. Without trying to dull the mind and existential pain, without trying to fill the inner void from the outside - but rather establish a connection with your authentic inner self, and with the ability to hold Active Awareness that entails wisdom and clarity, sees the hidden and maintains a clear inner dialogue that oversees the psyche and provides it with everything all that empowers and supports you.


Eat healthy, nourishing, and tasty food.
Read a good book or an interesting article.
Listen to music.
Take care of your body.
Empower your soul.
Expand your consciousness.
Establish self-awareness.
Go out into nature.
Adopt an animal.
Surround yourself with plants.

Connect and make friends with people who nourish and inspire you.
Rather than watching other people’s lives through reality programs, focus on your own reality and on real social circles that will give you purpose and meaning, and connect you with a community that supports and empowers you.

Leave behind the escapism in favor of becoming fully present in your life, while being grateful for all that you have.
Follow your true desire and wishful heart.

Be authentic.
Free your mind from the influences of fashion and standard models of beauty.
Connect with your own beauty and inner harmony.
See the beauty in all of humanity’s diversity.

Nurture positive emotions.
Enhance supportive and empowering thoughts.
Be curious and flexible.

Learn to nurture yourself without being dependent on external validation, and give yourself positive feedback.
Practice inner balance where you can find your center.
Release set mind-patterns and prejudice about yourself and others.
Learn to listen and be patient. 

Open yourselves up to new ideas and inspiration.
Carefully choose your models for inspiration.
Inspire others.

Agree to create renewal.

Choose your words with care and maintain an Enlightened Heart.
Volunteer to support the community you live in.
Be generous.

Acknowledge that you are much more expansive than you can imagine.
Learn to identify the connection between your choices, their results, and their consequences.
Remember that we are all connected to each other.
and that the pure energy source intended to motivate us all, is love and desire.


We are at an important crossroads in human history that will determine where we go as a society.

Behind the scenes, there is a struggle over our identity, both over our identity as individuals and over our identity as a society, as well as a struggle over human consciousness, and the personal and collective freedom. 

True freedom comes from the ability to maintain an inner balance that is not tainted by turbulent and instable emotions; and by false thought patterns that separate and negate others, holding hate, criticism, violence, competition over resources, herd mentality that follows that which is familiar and accepted, following fashionable trends, and so on.

This is a process of transformation that weans from addiction to predictable mental and emotional patterns while embracing an expansion of consciousness that gives birth to a broad spectrum of new emotions and perceptions that can not be easily predicted or manipulated because they hold ‘Active Awareness’ and awake consciousness which represents a new evolutionary phase - the human being of the 21st century.

I hope this series has empowered you and given you food for thought, so that you may expand your Active Awareness and ability to conduct yourself in this world with freedom, presence, and strength.

Yours with love ????

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