?What will 2017 look like

Louharya | 07.01.2017

Will we be able to move beyond the division and separation, beyond the fear and polarity, and establish a society that respects all of its components, while knowing to channel resources that coordinate with each and every component?

Shall there be an awakening that holds a willingness to create dialogue, reaching a shared truth, and mutual enrichment?

Shall we denounce corruption, cynicism and opportunism, choosing a new type of leadership that holds vision and values that reconstructs infrastructures and establishes a new and pure political structure that serves all in harmony?

Shall we reconstruct the energy sector?

Shall we enhance local agriculture that is ecologic and organic?

Shall we restore reciprocal relations with nature and all living things, diminishing exploitation and suffering, in favor of grace and compassion, creating environmental awareness and aware consumerism?

Shall we weaken and dismantle corporate control and corruption, establishing awareness that changes consumerism?

Shall we establish communication channels and a media that expresses purity of intent and word, while embracing values and essence that benefits all?

Shall we allow for an internal rather that external channeling of resources that is focused upon building rather than war creating development and enhancing existing resources that benefit all?

Shall we recognize, that which connects us is greater than that which divides, and that right or left, religious or secular, Muslim or Jew – all of these are illusionary external definitions used to create divisiveness, weakening our ability to unite, to change and to influence our reality?

Shall we educate a future generation to use enlightened wisdom and a comprehensive view that holds generosity, tolerance, values, essence and meaning?

Shall we establish a medical system that knows to create profound healing that focuses upon the cause of illness, and sees the cosmic connection of the body, mind and soul?

Shall we enhance diverse and rich arts and culture, without commercialization, connecting to inspiration that strengthens values and ideas that awaken consciousness?

Shall we join hands and recognize that we all come from the same source, ethereal beings of light that have manifested in the physical, and study corporeality and fulfillment?

Shall we respect the different and diverse?

Shall we know to reestablish faith and trust, knowing that we can create a new and different reality?

Will we awaken to the recognition that we are not alone and that Earth is part of a broad and expansive whole?

All this is up to us… it only takes a few who sustain strength and perseverance, to influence many.

This realm is seeded with emissaries of light, who have come to make all this possible, and much more.

The more these emissaries empower each other and support one another, in brotherhood and holding a shared truth – thus our reality shall change and the seeds we have planted shall sprout and grow as fulfilled reality that become the norm.

That which we create - shall become.