?What Is A Master

Louharya | 16.11.2018

The dictionary definition of a Master is an expert in their field or a guru.

There are Masters in many fields: A Master of martial arts, a Master of cooking, a Master of dancing, of music or playing an instrument, A Master of chess, A master of painting. Some are Masters of treatment and healing methods because they have learned and trained in the advanced stages of a method. There are Masters of Philosophy and contemplation and those who have an academic Master's degree and many more...

In these cases, as well as in other ones - mastery is usually evident in the products that the Master knows to produce in their field of expertise, through reciprocal relations with the material world. These products are visible, clear and cannot be ignored.

Masters are people who have created a level of skill that enables them to express a harmonious perfection that is expressed through their interface with the world of manifestation.

The skills and abilities developed by these people are the result of processes of development and transcendence beyond the limitations of the body and mind, and harnessing those abilities to express vision, creativity, and inspiration - and their realization, in practice.


The term Master in its spiritual context

Many of those involved in processes of transformation and transcendence are familiar with the term "Master," which is often mentioned in various messages, which seek to describe the crossing of a personal threshold and establishing a new developmental level.

Throughout the years I have refrained from using this term because I sensed that many are quick to use it, thereby detracting from its layered meaning and thereby devaluing it, and creating contempt for the profound processes that this word represents and entails.

The use of the term "Master" in the world of spiritual development may be misleading because the deep and honest processes of transformation are internal and intimate processes, in which the products are not always visible. Thus, you will find that a person can declare and proclaim himself as a Master, even if their inner personality does not back it up, and even if they have not really created the processes that lead to this state of being.


So who is a Master?

Much can be written about a Master's state of being, but in order to make this term accessible and connect it with the profound meaning it represents, I created for you a brief review of six key criteria for understanding the essence of a Master, as I see it.

A Master - An integration between the cosmic self and human self and the changing of priorities

A Master is a person who created a complete integration between the cosmic and human self.

The Master created processes of development and transformation in which body and mind become a refined tool of expression that reflects and serves the desire of the soul.

This is a gradual process of changing priorities and inner focus, in which the personal human self is absorbed into the whole, broad and non-personal cosmic self, creating a complete integration between the human endpoint and the soul.

This process leads to a state of being in which the human identity expands beyond a fixed self-definition, where the person is not afraid of losing the human identity to which they are attached and identifies with. Thus their entity becomes a vast being, open to transformation and renewal, and changes in a dynamic manner according to the desire of the soul.

A Master - constant awareness, honesty, and conscious management of the psyche

When in a Master state of being, the person is aware of the various mental and emotional forces operating within him and manages them with clarity, honesty, and a lack of attachment so that the various forces of the psyche become turn into forces that are harnessed by the person for serving the soul's vision and its earthly realization.

In this way, the Master’s humanness becomes a refined and harmonious vessel, and the psyche becomes an instrument for the expression of spirit in matter.

In the state of being of a Master, there are no hidden or subconscious forces that manage the person without their awareness, because, in this state of being, the psyche is a clear and exposed realm, free of discord or baggage, remaining completely loyal to the values that define the Master's vision and mission and the responsibility to realize them in practice in their daily choices.

Thus, there is no gap between the spiritual world and consciousness of the Master, their psyche, and their conduct in practice. Hence, the Master becomes a proof of feasibility and inspiration for others.

In a Master’s state of being, there are no gaps between the theory and the realization, and they serve as living guidance for everyone they mentor and guide. The Master experiences the broad state of consciousness in which they exist and sustains it through the human conduct and daily choices, being large or small, out of the purity of thought, purity of word, purity of heart, purity of intent and purity of deeds.

A Master - A refined psyche that recognizes the holographic illusion of the corporeal life

The attainment of a Master's state of being is the product of a process of distilling the psyche so that it becomes an expression tool for the soul and allows it to maintain reciprocal relations with the world around us, impartially. This is possible by recognizing that reality is a holographic illusion, identifying the illusion without being identified with it, and letting go of all the role-playing and images that the illusory reality provides.

This release gives birth to freedom in which the Master can play with the various images in order to realize the soul's vision and inspiration they wish to express.

In this state, the psyche is present at the present given time, being unaffected by the past and free of attachment to the future. This is a realm of inner peace and freedom, free of baggage, attachments, resentment, or guilt while maintaining acceptance and love that radiates from the Master and allowing those who meet them, to experience healing and empowerment.

A Master - An active connection to the overall unity

The Master holds a broad perspective, in which they see themselves as one with the whole in which they exist.

Thus, out of that unified state of being, the Master is non-judgmental and is full of compassion for all that surrounds them, holding generosity, goodwill, and love, along with respect for the free choice, and the ability to express validity and defined boundaries along with an Enlightened Heart.

From the Master's point of view, everything is foreseen and visible, and permission is granted, and they constantly see the sequences of free choices as such that affect reality and change it, in terms of seeing the choices, their outcome and their consequences.

Thus, the Master maintains personal responsibility, knowing that their own choices affect both the personal reality and the collective reality, which they are an inseparable part of.

A Master - Head high above, feet well-grounded

In the state of a Master, the person maintains a deep spiritual connection with the soul, contains a broad consciousness and a cosmic perspective, and becomes a continuous interdimensional being, which the human endpoint is only a part of.

Thus, the Master can move from a state of an interdimensional being to a state of physical human experience, in a flowing and unattached manner that allows the spirit to influence matter and the latent power embodied in the soul to become an expressed power, through the human being.

The Master does not choose to disengage from the physical world but is fully committed to express the higher dimensions of being in the physical world, with virtuosity and creativity, thereby laying out a stable, full and complete bridge between dimensions and worlds, which the Master makes accessible for others through their generosity, love, goodwill, solidarity and devotion.

A Master - Everything and Nothing

The Master simultaneously contains two states of being, in which they are both Everything and Nothing. When these two endpoints are being united, it creates existential tranquility and the Master is present as an independent being.

In so doing, the Master holds an internal point of balance in which they are "nothing", a "meaningless point" and at the same time they are the "center of existence" and "of great significance".

The balancing point between these two states of existence, enables the Master to express strength and worthiness that shine from a distance out of humility and simplicity - in a state of being in which the Simplicity in Divinity is present.


Following the publication of this article, few questions about who and what is a Master were raised.  

Here are the questions, along with answers in which I clarify the various issues.

The consciousness expressed here is advanced and therefore I ask you to contemplate on this with patience and openness and to give yourself time to contain and process.


Hi Louharya,

What comes to mind while reading are aspects of doubt, smallness, and fear of failure... terms like "full absorption" or "full integration" and the detailed description of an independent being seems to me like something that is not possible to achieve... I can perceive that we are on the way and that our ambition is indeed such... But is it really possible? Is it really possible to aspire to reach the state of being you describe, and succeed in doing so, or is it the domain of a few or a vision for generations ahead?

Is it really possible to get there or does the spiral continues to open indefinitely?


The processes described are not utopian processes, which cannot be maintained. These are processes that all the infrastructure for them already exists, and the road to creating them is paved and full of signs of guidance and support.

These are processes that represent a state of being and consciousness, which connects to the human body and mind and change the foundations of the human being, as it was known throughout the ending era. Therefore, they are possible, for those willing to change and "lose" their familiar human identity in favor of an expanded identity that changes all relationships with the self, with others, and with the realm.

In practice, the processes I have described are the processes of the transition from the human being, as it has been until now, into an Adamic entity. This is an evolutionary process that extends the range of existence, from an existence identified only with the third dimension, to an existence that is open to the fifth dimension and the dimensions beyond it. This is an infinite process, an open spiral that continually offers new layers of development, consciousness, perspective, and experience.

The state of being of a "Master", which I describe, is the "normal" state of being in the fifth dimension. This is a state which humanity will reach through a process of evolution that is already happening. Humanity will adapt itself to a new worldview, a new language, and also a body and psyche that operate differently than what we have known.

Some will establish this state of being before others and will be few within the whole that have not yet created this change. And there will be those in the future who will be born into an Adamic society that already maintains this state of being, and this will be the starting point of their life's journey.

From this starting point, the Adamic beings will move into new stages of development, acquiring "mastery" skills in new dimensions of existence.


Does the state of "everything” and “nothing" - the merging point you described that characterizes the connectivity between a cosmic essence and a human endpoint -  means the bridge that is deployed between them that seems to merge "nothingness" and human transience with cosmic eternity and divinity? As a starting point connected to the ending point, where all the potentials that are latent along with those that have not been fulfilled?

Or is it a point that is part of an advanced developmental stage in other existences and states of being?

I understand, at a primary level, how the containment of these two states of being set us free but I find it difficult to contain the point of "meaningless”...


Let me begin by saying that the answer brings a broad consciousness, and therefore I ask that it will be contained gradually and not be deterred by it.

The merging point which I describe between "everything" and "nothing" or between "significance" and "meaningless", between "nothingness" and "holism", is a point of enlightenment in which a human being can break free of the limits of their humanness and open up to a deep recognition of their very essence. This essence is much broader than humanity is used to perceive. Meaning, this point gives birth to the recognition that humanity is merely a temporary and transient image, which is part of a broad sequence of developmental movement on many plains of existence.

At this point of enlightenment, the human being is exposed to the "moment of cosmic birth," in which they separate from the source and begin to move as a field of consciousness across the universes and dimensions, in a process of "self-discovery" and development. This is a point at which the human being discovers that they are not really separate from the source because the connectivity to the source lies within them.

This is a process in which the human being identifies the core of the source inherent within, which is a pure potential in which the two states I have described exist simultaneously.

At this core point, there is no judgment about the "everything" or "nothing", or "meaningless insignificance", in relation to "holism which is significant", because it is the pure state in which the source exists as a field of intelligence, constantly pulsating with pulses of beginning and ending.

The beginning - a pure potential that is "meaningless nothing" - from which "everything" can emerge and take "form and meaning".

The ending - a state of conclusion in which "everything" is embedded as the realization of specific potentials and the weaving of meanings, and then from the state of "everything" a convergence is created back to the state of "nothing." (And so on)

When the two states of "everything" and "nothing," are perceived as a heartbeat and the silence before the next heartbeat, the freedom which I have described is created, because perspective becomes fearless or non-judgmental and it holds a renewed connection to the pulse of cosmic life.


1. Does the Master in the process of transformation, whose essence is at center stage and achieved full integration of the self, recognize being a Master or are they simply who and what they are?

2. Is there also a hue, certain school that is expressed in the consciousness/awareness of mastery, or because everything is a unified field, all the masters are the same?

3. During the process of managing the facets of the psyche - if there is a realm without discords and residues, and the psyche becomes a tool, then is there at all a need to manage the facets of the psyche? Is there a process of shifting weight or is reality being created just by the refined desire and demand?


1. The master does not define themselves because they recognize that any definition restricts and limits them to an image.

In this way, they experience their state of being in an ordinary manner that holds respect and appreciation for the accomplishments they created, self-evaluation that allows them to be aware of the skills and processes created so far, self-worth that allows them to continue to expand into new states of being and worthiness that emanates from being fully present and moving between states of being and experience in a non-attached manner.


2. The ways to reach a Master's state of being are different and diverse, according to each individual's unique hue. Thus, the processes, challenges, lessons, and ascension will be different and diverse but will all lead to a unified state of being in which the Master simultaneously experiences the self and the whole. In a Master's state of being, the Master recognizes that they are part of a unified whole and that they represent a hue. Thus, they are not clinging to an agenda that defines their identity, and are open to mutual enrichment and data sharing, which allow them to constantly expand.

The master recognizes that "all rivers lead to the sea" and that they are both "the river" and "the sea."


3. In the Master's state, the individual is aware of the forces acting within them, however, these forces can be seen as a "program" in the service of the vision. Thus, in the management of the psyche's facets, there is no struggle against forces that hold discord or resistance, but rather there is a developmental phase in which the management of the psyche's facets is conscious organizing of facets of expression that are subject to the distilled self, and the Master manages them according to their own will.

This is a state in which the psyche is fully harnessed to the will of the Master and holds no inhibiting forces that have "their right of existence", but rather a refined state in which all the forces of the psyche recognize that their right to exist is to support and serve the enhanced fulfillment of spirit in matter.

Yours with love and goodwill.

Louharya ❤