We Are The Bridge

Louharya | 06.01.2020

The reality around us reflects difficult and shaky occurrences that leave many of us in deep pain, sadness and grief.

The climate crisis and its results, such as the fires in Australia.

The connections between big money and the government which destroys the ability to hold a vision that favors the common good.

Animal abuse as seen on social media that breaks the heart.

The deterioration of the political system to a tdepth of lack of integrity, disregard of values, cynicism, and opportunism.

All these events and more are surfacing, are being exposed and shaking everyone whose heart is open and awake, and whose thoughts do not only revolve around the self but also around the other and the world we live in.

I have already written here that we are in a transition period, where there is a power struggle between the old and new.

It is a time when the distortions created in humanity and in human consciousness are exposed, and that which was covered and hidden is revealed and exposed, in order to enable the transformation, a profound change and denunciation of all that contradicts universal values, which humanity has always aspired to and which is the basis from where it can continue its existence, grow and prosper.

Without these values, from which humanity is required to produce new standards and norms, humanity will not survive, but it will consume itself and the world and will fade into oblivion.

The exposure creates many jolts and causes a lot of pain, but at the same time, it encourages people to take a stand and stop being indifferent and passive, and unite and act to empower trends that support values and vision.

The jolt and the pain lead to the rise of new initiatives, people unite around a shared truth and create awakening, disillusionment and a desire to change and influence.

I wish with all my heart for days when a conscious and practical change will occur not because of a jolt, pain, and suffering but out of a simple desire for change and a courageous readiness to challenge the existing reality, denounce what is inadequate, and renew.

During these times it is important that we do not focus on the gaps and the disturbances, but instead move through the pain and sorrow, and create a bridge to a new reality - through each and every one of us and through all of us together.

The new reality is realized every day by those who choose to put the emphasis and focus on the trends they want to empower. This is how the bridge is built.

These are people who care, who choose to act, take a stand and bravely live the values they believe in, encourage others to do so, and act with integrity, caring, love, kindness, strength, Enlightened Heart, purity, innovation, intelligence, a broad spectrum, and connection to a vision that holds progress.

We are these people. Each and every one of us. Each one of you who is reading my words, being touched and awakened by them, and feeling a desire for change and a sense of ability and power.

I reach out to you and hold your hand. We are interconnected through ancient relationships that tie us together, shaping our destiny here on earth.

Together we will hold the bridge to the future we want to create.

That which we create shall become.