United we influence

Louharya | 13.07.2018

Change begins with us. 

Over a period of time, we are subject to a process of "Divide and Conquer."

In this process, distorted forces, drunk with power and control, intentionally pull the Israeli public apart into many weak sectors that lose their ability to create influence and change.

The ability to create change and influence is obtained through the creation of unity, through identifying a common truth, and focusing on what is truly important and significant in our lives, here on Earth, and return to values, virtue and vision.

The political system is getting farther and farther away from its original purpose of serving the public and has become a tool for those in power, serving selfish interests that go against the common good, without comprehensive vision that sees the results and consequences of their actions.

We cannot accept the conduct of this political system as routine and legitimate.

When we get used to distorted and false ways of conduct, this becomes a norm, and the norm becomes a standard.

This reflects the deterioration we are witnessing: habituation and numbness that perceives corruption, distortion, personal gain, lack of integrity and selfishness as a norm.

Ask yourself basic questions regardless where you stand on the political map:

 What are the values that the leadership is required to act upon?
 What skills are needed to lead the various government ministries?
 What is statehood?
 What is integrity?
 What is our vision and how do we want to see this country and our life in it?

Define in your mind what a worthy leadership looks like - and then become leaders! 

When each and every one of us expresses leadership and join hands together, to unite around a shared and refined truth that we agree upon, we can create change that emanates from us and changes reality.

Change begins with each and every one of us.