Towards the Fifth Dimension

Louharya | 08.12.2018


We are in the midst of significant days in which a great momentum and a step up in the interface to the regularity of the fifth dimension, are created.

As more human beings agree to interact with the wave ranges of the fifth dimension, changing their perception, awareness, consciousness, habits and conditioning, and bring it into everyday life - more and more human "reception points" are created within the Earth, absorbing the wave ranges of the fifth dimension, so that it can be established as a viable reality, which is realized in practice.

Each and every one can choose to become a reception point for the frequencies and consciousness of the fifth dimension 
It is a pure state of being, which exists inside each and every one, and is gradually revealed

This state of being, brings the recognition that we are all intertwined as one fabric, and that we can immediately realize our shared vision through a connection to values and a commitment to actualize them.

We are - unity.
We are - love and will.
We are - a personal and collective responsibility.
We are - integrity and purity.
We are - transparency and honesty.
We are - kindness and grace, forgiveness and reconciliation.
We are -strength.
We are - freedom.
We are - openness and constant renewal.
We are - allowing.
We are - hope.

We are all these and more...

At any moment, in small and large occasions, we are realizing the fifth dimension, out of conscious free choice.

Everything is wide open.

And what we create - shall become..