Summarizing a decade as we move forward - That which we create shall become

Louharya | 01.01.2020

A decade ends and a new one begins.

The last decade has brought to the surface many of the issues that humanity has to deal with as it seeks to grow to a new level and secure its future.

Issues such as the climate crisis movement, ecology, and interactions with renewable energies, plastic as an enemy that sows destruction in the earth's ecosystems, green thinking and recycling, alongside refugee issues, nationality and national identity issues - were all part of the global agenda.

The vegan movement has gained momentum over the past decade and has increasingly moved to the mainstream, representing a segment of the population that is aware of the state of the planet, researching and understanding the brutal, violent and environmentally damaging practices that underlie the food, fashion, and beauty industries based on animal products, taking personal responsibility and an active stance which has a huge impact.


Over the past decade, the public perception which viewed the media as serving the public with the absolute truth has been replaced by suspicion and public outrage that arose from the exposure of the backstage of what is happening in the media world and the discovery that it is fed, being navigated and biased by ties between interest groups, and government-capital-ties.

The public began to question the institutionalized media and began to develop alternative communication and information networks while cultivating independent thinking that seeks for unbiased knowledge, but also opened up a doorway to false and unreliable information and conspiracy theories spread through social networks.

Phenomenon such as fake news and the enhanced biased relationship between interest groups and governments have grown, as well as the discussion of the importance of independent journalism in an era of ratings and the growth of social networks that often encourage flat and shallow discussions, and as stated above, the distribution of false information.


In this decade, many social protests broke and attempted to influence the daily agenda with issues such as discrimination and treatment of disadvantaged sectors. #metoo movement undermined the norms that have been common for years regarding sexual harassment and the attitude towards women in the entertainment industry, workplaces, and society at large, redefining the relationship between men and women.

The call for diversified gender representation has grown steadily and has reinforced the legitimacy of the various genders and the call for equal opportunities, minority rights, and racial equality.

The gender diversity that has taken a stage and place over the decade has undermined the traditional binary division of male or female sexuality, in favor of a broad spectrum that includes the LGBT community, queer, a-binary, a-sexual, and more, and has begun to change the basic definitions of self-identity in traditional structures of families and relationships, as they used to be.

ISIS has risen and fallen, the "Arab Spring" has risen, dissipated, and is now waking up again, creating authentic activism in countries such as Iran, Lebanon, and Turkey. In Iran, Internet gates have been blocked in an attempt to control the wave of protests against the regime, Russia used bots to interfere in US elections, and social media to influence public opinion and shape the world map at its will. In addition, leaders around the world have turned social networks into a tool for navigating public opinion and political gain.

It has been a decade that has empowered the power of dominant and authoritarian rulers who have moved away from the principles of democracy. In some European countries, the power of the extreme-right has risen and the European Union is weakening in the shadow of the Brexit. In the United States, the Obama era ended and the Trump era began, given birth to new highs of absurdity and chaos. The Trump era is a catalyst emphasizing the need for American society to sober up and create a deep soul-searching that will decide its future into the 21- century.

China, as an empire that represents a "big brother" anti-democratic regime, has intensified and expanded its economic imperialism, as its economic power bends the world that is turning a blind eye to what is happening in it.


Alongside governments and regimes that preserve ties that go against the public interest, and alongside the public sector, the private sector, and nonprofits organizations, a "fourth sector", which involves social business for profit, has emerged.

The Fourth Sector introduced a new model, representing a perception that encompasses the close relationship between the individual and the whole and the assumption that there is no contradiction between profitability and social contribution, and that an organization or business can sustain itself financially, even if it has been established and operates from a vision that its essence is of donation and assistance to the overall.

Over the decade, funding channels have evolved, using the power of the masses that allows projects to be funded in an authentic and simple way, by the public, reducing the dependence of banks, equity owners, corporations, and marketing and advertising channels that are controlled by large media companies.

Apps that enable digital payments, barter and virtual markets and the development of digital currencies have created a new infrastructure that is starting to undermine the hegemony of traditional banking. This trend is part of a broad public transition to eCommerce that has pushed retail chains and changed the arena of consumerism and commerce.

Buying at the touch of a button, the accessibility and cheaper price range, increased the addiction to consumption - as well as awakened trends of zero-waste, fair-trade, recycling, controlled purchases, small community outlets and flourishing second-hand shops.

The influence of the technological giants has intensified over the past decade, swallowing up companies that could threaten them and become possible competition, thus gaining control over entire markets, and began to strongly influence global economic systems. These giants, primarily Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, and the companies they purchased, have led to technological breakthroughs in a variety of areas that impact human society and shape its upcoming future.

Over the decade, various streaming services have evolved and established, giving access to music and content in a new manner, often favoring quantity at the expense of quality. Those streaming services herald the end of an era in the music industry and the opening of a new one in which social networks influence and determine the trends within the music industry.

In the cinema, superhero movies have gained momentum, inviting viewers to expand their consciousness beyond the glass ceiling of the familiar human capabilities. In Marvel's expanded universe, many superheroes unite and bring together the concept of a "whole that is greater than the sum of its parts" and the recognition that collaboration represents new leadership that is effective and based on values. The representation of female superheroes and especially Wonder Woman also reflects the social trend that the #metoo movement provoked.

The "divine particle", or in its scientific name Boson Higgs particle (H) was discovered during the last decade, allowing to better understand the standard model of particle physics which describes the foundation stones of the universe.

The discovery of gene editing methods has created leaps in the ability to influence the human genetics and thereby help cure various diseases and improve human life expectancy and quality, but at the same time raised deep ethical issues.

The development of artificial intelligence has also gained momentum in the past decade and also brought with it ethical discussions. The ethical discussions are pushing scientists to identify the deep and inseparable connection between science and spirit and recognize the need to back up scientific research and breakthroughs with the expansion of consciousness and set of values emanating from a connection to essence and meaning.

Over the past decade, significant advances have been made in analyzing information coming from different types of telescopes and radiation, which has enabled, among other things, one of the most important discoveries of the decade: the assimilation of a black hole.

In addition, mega-projects based on teams of scientists from several countries in the world have been collaborating with each other on the basis of a common truth, mutual fertilization, brainstorming and information sharing took place.

The development of the electric car over the past decade will be able to contribute to reducing the level of pollution and changing the transportation world in the coming decade.


Over the past decade, we have witnessed the transformation of six major forces that are shaping the human society throughout history, setting the norms and influencing its course of development:

1.Family and Relationships

2. Sexuality, Sex, and Birth

3. Gender, and Definitions

4. Capital, and Financing

5. Food, Nutrition, and Nourishment

6. Religion and Traditions

These 6 focal points represent behavioral patterns that define the character of human society throughout the ages.

These patterns undergo transformation along the axis of the evolution of human society and change from one generation to another. This change is intertwined with undermining the familiar structures associated with these 6 focal points and with the creation of alternatives that bring fresh worldview and perceptions.

Each one of the 6 forces is associated with interest groups, who generate power, control, money and influence from it, and want the existing structures to remain intact.

In the last decade, we have witnessed a transformation in these 6 issues that will intensify into the 21 century and will undermine the existing hegemony. This change will intensify as generations Y and Z will become more influential in the upcoming decade.

Generations Y (those born after the year 1980) and Generation Z (those born after the year 2000) are becoming an influencing layer that is affecting society and redesigning it in a new fashion.

These generations born into a world experiencing technological acceleration, are connected to media channels from an early age and have access to advanced tools and media.

It is a layer that was exposed from the beginning to the information offered by computers and the Internet and is not limited to local culture, but to the cross-cultural spread and global information. It is a generation that is connected to self-learning and sharing information through the Internet and social networks. These generations are more awake and more difficult to manipulate. An essential part of these generations' self-identity stems from their involvement in the various social networks and the rapid learning process they allow.

These generations formulate a vision that strives for a better world, seeks to take responsibility for the creation of collective reality, express openness to new social and family structures, gender flexibility and social and environmental activity. They are not fooled by politicians or by corporations and deeply committed to the future of the planet.

A prominent representative of this generation is Greta Thunberg, the Swedish activist who works to stop global warming and climate change.


The giants' struggle between the forces that seek to preserve the existing order and the forces that seek to challenge it and grow to a new level of development, has been evident over the past decade. Many shaking events that undermine the existing state have surfaced over the past decade, exposing many of the forces influencing humanity behind the scenes and were hidden.

The rising transparency, the exposure of forces that have been hidden and the bias they represent and create, asks humanity, at the beginning of the new decade, to choose whether to denounce these forces and make profound and substantial change or continue to conduct according to them, passively and indifferently, in a closed-cycle that leads to self-destruction.

The past decade has undermined many conventions, shaking the world in a struggle between old and new, and echoes the question: Who will humanity choose to become in the next decade and how will it shape itself?

Will it spin around in a closed-cycle or get out of the grip of failed leadership and corporations, or move to a new playing field, changing all the rules of the game?

The struggle between old and new is a struggle between those who seek to preserve the existing order and maintain their hegemony and those who seek to create alternatives, to remove the influential forces and to regenerate.

This struggle exposed many of the working forces and norms that were an integral part of human culture and perception, shaped the reality we live in, and led humanity to a historical and critical intersection.

This exposure is not random, it is intended to shake the existing frameworks, to challenge the conventions and norms and to stimulate humanity to wake up, to act, to take personal and collective responsibility, to enhance the desire to create transformation and harness the power of the individual and the masses in order to influence and change local and global trends.

The rising transparency puts humanity in front of a choice of what to do with the uncovered information, and declares to each and every person living on the planet that: "That which we create - shall become”!

The accessible information enables to identify the relationship between choice, outcome, and consequences and encourages to ask essential questions:

❓ Whether to preserve the familiar traditions, norms, mechanisms, and conduct or to regenerate, change the perspective and worldview, open up to new approaches and begin to shape reality together differently.

Whether to remain ignorant, in hatred and fear, be nourished by fake news and be subject to mind-control, maneuvering, and manipulation, or whether to investigate, reveal information, share knowledge and understandings and thus establish independent thinking that undermines norms and influences the lifestyle and daily conduct.

Whether to pursue the illusion of separateness, hatred, fear, and the struggle for resources, or to embrace global thinking and recognize that all of humanity shares a common future and create collaborations that are detached from local and narrow interests, in favor of an inclusive and broad perspective, which sees all nations as one entity, and planet Earth as a home of all of us.

❗ This requires courage, openness, flexibility, cooperation and willingness to challenge the conventions, dismantle existing structures that are no longer compatible, and leaving the comfort zones that define the various areas of life in society, mainly in connection to the 6 focal points I described above

This course will continue over the next decade as processes and trends accelerate and intensify the urgent need to choose global change which holds a collective awakening that alters the course of humanity.

As I think of the vision of humanity in the future to come, I would like to see in the coming decade trends that represent a new era in which humanity is emerging from its ills and its conflicts, and awakens into a new perspective that changes the attitude to life here on earth.

  1. The denunciation of biased values ​​that separate human beings and encourage hostility and violence, in favor of a Planetary Treaty, which redefines the relationship between the various factions of humanity, recognizing that we are all from the same source, regardless of religion, nation, race, and gender.
  2. Undermining and abolishing the control and influence of a limited and interested elite on global trends, cutting the biased ties between capital and government in favor of a new infrastructure of organizations, institutions, and businesses whose driving force is a vision of progress, welfare, innovation, and contribution to the community at large.
  3. The disintegration of distorted economic and political structures that represent narrow interests affecting Earth and all of humanity, and the establishment of new political structures that cleanse politics from its ailments, and trains new and value-based leadership that represents the public good, in all its diversity,  and works for it.
  4. Reducing and closing large gaps in resource utilization around the world and moving from exploiting the Earth's "backyard" to supporting and empowering these areas and establishing new economic and ecological models for the planet and its citizens.
  5. Acknowledgment that all citizens of the planet have an equal right to self-fulfillment and well-being, and taking actions to ensure this as fundamental values ​​backed by a planetary treaty
  6. Establishment of communication channels that serve the public independently out of purity, vision, and values, as well as public awakening to the consumption of quality information and entertainment that encourage the expansion of consciousness and enrichment of the psyche.
  7. Use of social networks as an objective and interest-free tool, which is regulated and supervised in a manner that enables it to operate as a refined channel that unites the earth as a global village, and allows the sharing of information, transparency, personal and collective empowerment, and mutual fertilization.
  8. Growth of a new layer of diverse public opinion leaders that bring depth and connection to values, essence, meaning and quality.
  9. Willingness to challenge religion, traditions, and norms that create a  glass ceiling of values and consciousness and limit the openness to a new worldview and modes of behavior, which represent a return to prime-values such as planetary unity, mutual fertilization, respect for diversity and freedom of expression and fulfillment.
  10. Respecting and honoring the Earth and establishing a harmonious relationship with it,  through in-depth change of consciousness and infrastructure, the use of green and renewable energy, and legislating regulation that prevents corporations and stakeholders from destroying the ecology of the earth and damage it for the sake of  a change in lifestyle and establishment of a sustainable eco-culture
  11. Providing a stage for quality, essence, and meaning, in the fields of philosophy, culture and art, science, consumerism and Lifestyle
  12. Scientific and technological breakthroughs that stimulate recognition of the connection between spirit and science, expand human consciousness and awareness, change life expectancy and quality of life, enable management of the planetary energy system, turn the economic system that is based on competition and lack upside down, and open up communication channels with additional realities that exists beyond the reality system of planet Earth.

A huge window of opportunity is open for humanity, inviting it to undergo a transformation, change its perception, norms and lifestyles.

In the next decade, more than ever, that which we will create - shall become.

It is our responsibility. Each and every one of us is influencing and shaping our shared future.

That which we will give our power to - will grow and prosper. And that which we will denounce and turn away from - will disappear and vanish.

Recognizing that we are all from the same source, cosmic beings experiencing a physical life will change the interaction between human beings and themselves, between the human race and the planet. It will redefine all aspects of life and self-fulfillment and will allow humanity to open a new chapter in its history.