From Restraint to Aware Management of the Psyche’s Aspects

Louharya | 21.11.2016

Are you familiar with the state where desires, thoughts, or emotions arise within you, but you suppress or restrain them, and do not give them space?

The restraint and suppression can create a mental and physical harm and for energy to be trapped and accumulated, until it will eventually erupt and might generate destruction.

When you seek to evolve and create transformation, it is essential not to restrain or suppress what exists within you, but rather give it space, without  judgement, and be willing to shed light upon ‘dark’ places, embrace them, cradle them, and enable yourselves an honest process of change, healing, and transformation.

Where do restraint and suppression come from?

How can we proceed from restraint and hiding to a full and complete process that holds a deep change?

Throughout the process of development and transformation, there is often a tendency to restrain mental and emotional aspects.

This restraint stems from a lack of containment of the essence of the personal developmental process and emphasizing results and outcomes.

The focus on external accomplishment stems from a need for achievements and success that fails to contain the importance of creating a complete process of inner solution and the transformation of limiting qualities. This is a type of process that creates closure and a possibility to advance to a new step of development holding an inner foundation that does not maintain any gaps.

Restraint leads to a partial transformation, repressing aspects that did not receive inner solution and conversion. These aspects remain as active forces that will arise later during the stages of the process where the mind and body are in a more refined and sublime state of vibration. This may create a turmoil that stems from the “agitation” of low and polarized frequency energy within a sublime and delicate system.

Restraint stems from suppression that is based on a misinterpretation of the nature of the transformation process.

This interpretation sees things and categorizes them in a polarized manner, into “good or bad”, “right or wrong”, “reward and punishment” and other dichotomic distinctions. This distinction leads one to restrain aspects that deviate from what is defined as “correct” for the developmental process.

The origin of such interpretation is in mental and emotional regions that still operate under the mode of “do and listen”, that lack an understanding of the essence of the transformation process, creating a motion stemming from mind and logic, which is not backed up by mental and emotional containment.

When personal transformation stems from an inner space that contains the meaning and essence of the process, a powerful inner emanation is formed, motivating the creation of different choices, based upon a process of “Absorb-Assimilate-Accept-Act”. This is an aware exchange of one set of mental structures, by new structures that match the next step of development.

When a full transformation occurs, there are no inner gaps, restraint or suppression, but rather a conscious change, it leads to an integration process of the person’s various facets of expression in a complete manner that has no inner “pockets”. This is a spiral process, moving from one step to another, gradually building an energetic, mental, consciousness, and awareness sequence, leading to a presence that is whole and serene.

In a state such as this, the essence and meaning are powerful driving forces that give rise to an aware free choice that “filters” possibilities, methods of action, habits, and desires that do not correspond with one's vision and purpose.

Thus, free will forms clear priorities and conscious management of the aspects of the psyche, that is free of restraint.

The conscious “filtering” completely cancels mechanisms of restraint in favor of clear priorities, backed up by responsibility towards the process of transformation, loyalty to it, and the vision that stands in its base.

Personal responsibility stems from a deep commitment that holds elation and gratitude for the privilege to create a process of development and ascension beyond the constraints of the psyche. In a state such as this, the heart expands with fullness, love, and a sense of satisfaction, supporting the release of qualities that the ego makes use of for restraint and avoidance.

Thus, feelings of burden, giving up, lack, and deprivation that originate from restraint dissipate, and are replaced by wholeness, satisfaction and significance, emanating from essence and meaning.