Nothing really ends but merely changes its form

Louharya | 03.01.2019

Many fear change

The fear of change is a fear of termination. It is a fear that the familiar reality will be undermined, and that the defined and known self-identity will fade, losing all that gives the person a sense of confidence.

It is the fear of finality, of ending, of death, and of the separation and pain inherent in them.

But this is illusory fear.

The realization that nothing really ends but merely changes its form, enables us to rise above the fear of change, termination, separation or loss of identity, in favor of readiness to release attachment, to change, to part and move into the unknown, opening up to new possibilities of realization and fulfillment, as well as to new facets of the self .

In this way, the person can be exposed to his true and authentic nature - a state of being of constant development and change.

In his pure and refined state, the person is a dynamic essence, whose purpose is change, growth, and discovery of new aspects of self-identity.

Change is the "oxygen" of the cosmic self and without it, it degenerates and wanes.

The distilled self is not afraid of death, separation, or termination. The distilled self conducts with existential confidence, curiosity, flexibility, openness, and constant change, recognizing that it is eternal and infinite and knows that nothing is lost or ends, but merely changes form.

When you recognize that you are afraid of change or termination, ask yourselves a curious question:

Who will I become now and how will I expand beyond the self I already know?

This curious question opens the door to familiarization with new inner forces which were not given room before, thus inviting you to create an agreement to an inner change that gives birth to a change in your daily reality, based on the understanding that nothing is lost, but simply changes form and exposes you to more and more aspects of who you are.