The Magic Square


The Magic Square is a Cosmic Model that supports daily conduct by creating precision and improvement of decipherment systems.

The Magic Square is a navigational tool for the creation of inner clarity and depth. It enables an aware choice, and inner navigation between the different mental aspects, enabling transformation.

The tool enables diagnosis and decipherment, improving movement in all situations and pre-examination recognizing the inner forces leading us to new destination upon our path.

This tool enables the creation of identification, decipherment and comprehension that lead us towards emotional clarity and clarity of thought.

Thus, the Magic Square allows the Human being in a situation in which he finds himself clinging to familiar anchors, shaken, angry, negative, depressed, identified and confused, to rise upon and create a zoom out overview, which is not identified with the situation or being misled by the story, but rather looking at the challenges and questions from an enlightened and distilled perspective.

This clarity is the result of self-monitoring that holds an ability to establish demand that leads to active movement, and the attraction of precise and efficient systems of energetic funding.


The Magic Square assists us in dropping automatic habits, while creating Enlightened Wisdom.

We can use this tool in many different ways, in our everyday life.

How to use the tool - Asking the right questions

Asking the right questions and conducting inner and external dialogue, are essential when using the Magic Square.

* Identify – What do I feel? What do I think? What do I want? What do I choose? What do I do?

This is a phase of identifying the driving forces, internal conflicts, and clashes between the forces acting.


* Decipher and Understand – What do the emotions, thoughts, desires and actions reflect? What are the consequences? Where do they come from – from the Active Will or the reactive will? Do I choose thoughts, emotions, desires, and actions that are old or new? crude or refined?

After the phase of identifying, deciphering and understandings, the unknown become known since an identification of the driving forces and patterns is created. Hence needs to create the transition to the mediation towards realization phase, expressing clarification as to the will and the demand.


* Formulate Desire and Demand – What do I want, where do I want to be, how do I want to move forward?

Now it is possible to move towards the enhanced fulfillment phase which is backing up the process of personal development by actions.


* Active Action – this is often the choice to move against a known and familiar pattern, choosing an action that is of a different vibration.

The Active Action is expressing a daily movement, out of an active and awake recognition, which has a sequence of choices that express practical transformation.

The Active Action can include the use of energetic tools. However, technology does not replace evolution – our everyday choices need to be made to support the higher road taken.

The formation of desire, demand and an active action lead to shifting from passiveness to being proactive, to creating a movement contrary to the perception that was identified and thus, the establishment of a new internal space, which changes the external reality.