Love is a Bridge Between Worlds

Louharya | 14.02.2020

What is love?

Today is Valentine's Day, a day where many celebrate love and relationships, while others feel bitter disappointment because they are not in a relationship and long to find a partner that will allow them to receive and give love, to feel worthy, loved, and fulfilled.

The meaning of Valentine's Day is based on a perception (which is limited and confining) that sees the self as lacking and in need of completion. This perception enhances the myth of romantic love and directs people to look for something that completes a "missing part” within them.

The common perception sees love which is expressed through a relationship as an absolute force that brings joy, satisfaction, and happiness. This perception sees relationships as a couple as the only way to fully embody love in a complete manner when in actuality, this is only a partial and limited aspect of the essence of love and all it entails.

Some relate to this day as a “day of love”, as an opportunity to nurture their relationship with themselves, enhance the love within, create inner peace, and self-holism. This approach is helpful and important, in that it teaches the individual to look for love within. However, it is important to recognize that "self-love" is also a partial aspect of the essence of love.

Others, see love as an impersonal and sublime quality that is the motivating force behind existence and life, granting them meaning and essence. This approach exposes an additional layer of the essence of love as a force that fills the individual with inspiration and connects them to their distillate and primeval nature.

So, what is love?

Love has many expressions, which include everything mentioned here, and much more because love is a bridge that connects the higher realms, the exalted and sublime, with the daily human existence.

Love is a universal divine force that holds a broad spectrum of expressions – from the exalted and sublime to the corporeal and earthly.

Love enable the individual to connect with the divinity seeded within.

Love is the force of creation and generation, seeded within each and every one, as a divine force that expresses desire, strength, and inspiration.

Love is a profound experience of unity with all that exists, bringing a sense of belonging, mutuality, and empathy that gives birth to responsibility, initiative, and involvement.

Love has no boundaries, religion, race, or gender. Love surpasses borders and envelopes all living things.

Love is a profound wisdom that identifies the connection between choice, outcome, and consequences. Therefore, love leads to aware and conscious free will, showing the connection between the individual and the whole, carefully and wisely guiding the individual on their path.

Love is a fountain that emanates from within and colors everything with bright and optimistic colors.

Love is harmony, peace, grace, and comfort.

Love is uncompromising and strives to reach optimal Enhanced Fulfillment.

Love is strength and validity expressed with an Enlightened Heart.

Love is affection, intimacy, compassion, and a warm embrace.

Love is passion and creativity, vision and movement.

Love is joy, generosity, exhilaration, and laughter.

Love is courage that enables one to walk through fear and
transform it into a sense of capability and ability.

Love frees from cessation and despair and awakens feelings of livelihood and vitality.

Love is worthiness, self-worth, and self-esteem.

Love is containment and acceptance.

Love is communication between the different and diverse.

Love is mutual enrichment.

Love merges the masculine and feminine seeded within each and every one.

Love is hope.

Love is life's motivating force, and it is present both internally and externally.

Enhancing love and acknowledging its uniqueness doesn't require a special day.

All we need is to agree to see the love seeded within us and enhance it in everyday situations, thus establishing the exalted within the corporeal.

On this Valentine's Day, let's choose to be love and make a commitment to express love daily, by Recognizing the divine quality of love, and agreeing to imbue this quality within our daily lives and in the lives of those around us.

Yours with great desire and love,