Louhar network - different cultures and nationalities


Thoughts about the Louhar network and the different cultures and nationalities in it 

A few days ago, we held a seminar here in Israel for students from Israel, Finland, Germany, Holland and the United States.

All the students are members of the Mediators of Worlds network - the Louhar network.

In the seminar, I taught innovative tools designed to help humanity transition into the consciousness of the fifth dimension and support the change and transformation of the psyche and the experience of daily life. 


A new phase in human evolution

We are facing a new phase in human evolution, in which the separations are eliminated in favor of the recognition that we are all from the same source.

In the transition to the fifth dimension, the national identity is transformed from a defining factor, which was often a separating one, into a rich inner platform that produces cosmic citizenship that expresses the individual's unique personal color, while being harmoniously linked to human beings wherever they are.

The Louhar Mediators of Worlds is a network composed of many emissaries, whose purpose is to create a transition to the regularity of the 5th dimension ahead of time, becoming a reception point for it, and thus create a bridge for humanity to follow.

The Louhar network center is in Israel, however, the Louhar Mediator of Worlds are located all over the world, belonging to different nationalities and cultures, in order to allow for an optimal change.


The different members of the Louhar network

When I look at the different emissaries, and the different nationalities they come from, I see no difference, but yet acknowledge the uniqueness of each one and what it allows.

Each and every emissary is a representative of various cosmic cultures who has committed to cooperate in order to create development and evolution on Earth.

This is a commitment to work together as a brotherhood, and to influence Earth and humanity, supporting them in the transition to the 5th dimension.

The geographical location and culture, are means through which the soul chooses to "paint" its human experience and life path, and thus have a great influence on the personal tone and resonance of the various members.

Looking at the emissaries located in Israel, for example, one can see that although the energetic human structure of members of the network in Israel is different and varied, this structure is painted and influenced by the color of the Israeli culture.


Different cultures, different life lessons

The choice to be born in Israel, Germany, Finland, etc. is a choice created by the soul in advance to learn lessons from the unique culture that exists in the various regions on earth.

Life lessons in Finland will be different from those in Israel or Germany due to different traditions, faith systems, customs, worldview, geographical location, and climate.

For example, Israelis are required to refine their emotional expression and release negative emotions that create division, hatred, fear, survival, and prejudice, for the sake of clear and creative thought, a broad and unified perspective, while the Finns have to learn to create more free and open emotional expression and maintain flexible thinking, as well as to release rigid mental patterns that define how things are supposed to be done, what is permitted and what is forbidden, etc…


The next evolutionary phase – from separated cultures to cosmic citizenship and cooperation 

Each and every one of the world's mediators is supposed to find his own point of balance, in which he expresses thought, emotion, creativity, and action, by connecting to the cosmic self and the perspective he brings.

As each member of the network creates a connection to the distilled self, he begins to express his cosmic tint and his cosmic perspective without any outside influence of the culture from which he comes.

This will create an alternative for humanity to do so, and move to the next level of development in which all the different cultures nourish each other and contribute to one another from their strengths.

In this way, culture becomes a fertile ground from which one grows, learns the lessons of his life and becomes a cosmic entity that holds hands with the rest of humanity out of unity and common destiny ✨