Louhar is a word in the cosmic language, a value that describes coordination between one Event Horizon and another, between different worlds, universes, and more. This value is based upon a common truth of a common fate, peace, cosmic love, a sharing of cosmic wisdom and mutual enrichment, stemming from the recognition that the benefit of the whole and the benefit of the individual, are as one.

The Louhar process creates a Multi-Cosmos alignment. This is a process that coordinates between all the different parts of the Multi-Cosmos, through synchronizing, accelerating, supporting and mediating between the different worlds

In the heart of The Cosmic University lays the Main Portal – the Gateway of the Louhar, fueled by a pure Active Will and refined Wishful Heart that emanates from the center of Creation.

This Portal expresses an array of inspiration, supporting humanity and the different realms of Creation that are connected with it.

This is a fountain of light that establishes futuristic regularity within the existing regularity, and expresses The Main Cosmic Code of Light – The Louhar Code.

This Main Cosmic Code of Light connects the family of light to its source frequency and refined self, awakening to the recognition that we are all Star-Seed, creating inner peace that leads to peace with others.

When The Louhar is present within the World of Earth, it enhances the ability to coordinate between the different and diverse, releasing that which divides, strengthening that which connects.

The Louhar frequencies are expressed throughout the different pathways of The Cosmic University, creating an expansion of consciousness and enabling humanity to cross an evolutionary threshold - a society connected to its cosmic roots. This enables alignment, shedding past residues and establishing a new reality that holds prosperity, abundance, fellowship, companionship, creativity, Enlightened Wisdom, grace and love.