The Law of Reflection - Part one

Louharya | 14.08.2016

Holograms and reflections at the realm of Earth

The Law of Attraction and the reversal of meanings


Dear loved ones,

The game of life on Earth is composed of a rich holographic realm full of possibilities.

This is a reality system that allows the expression of reflections where, at times, like onto itself is drawn, at other times that which is different is repelled, and sometimes a quality of one kind will be reflected in an opposite way, expressing an opposing quality.

The paths we are able to journey upon as individuals and as a collective are vast. There are many possibilities to choose from, to actualize a choice that creates a manifestation.

This is a diversified system of choice, result and consequence, where knowledge and experience are obtained as spirit investigates itself while materialized in matter.

How does the reflection system work?

How is movement conducted within the Realm of Earth’s field of experience, using free choice and the law of attraction?

How does Active Will and Wishful Heart, allow for a refined inner connection to the soul’s guidance, coordinating this in a manner that allows synchronized reflections aligned with the path of the soul?

What is holographic imaging? Conscious and unconscious reflection?

What is the essence of the disruption in the law of attraction, creating inverse reflection within the reality system of Earth?

What are the recommendations for identifying and mapping our personal movement within the holographic reality system?

All this and much more in the following consciousness packet, guiding those who wish to familiarize themselves with the law of reflections.

Yours with much love

1. Reflections and the cosmic principle "like unto itself is drawn"

When you seek to understand the Law of Reflection, you are to understand that there are many different reflections.

Meaning, as you observe the essence of a reflection, you are to identify this essence as that which operates throughout the cosmic realms, based on a manner of operation that we have termed "interference".

You are to understand, this is an interface in which one quality meets another.

You are to understand, the cosmic realms operate in accordance with standards that are connected to the principles and values of the Unified Field. There you shall find situations that hold an interference or reciprocal relations between qualities that interact with one another, based upon the principle known as the Law of Attraction.

This law is what you refer to as "like unto itself is drawn", and that which is different is rejected. You are to understand, those cosmic realms, those clusters, shall we say, of experimentation and interaction, are based upon an attraction created within the basis of the inner realm.

Meaning, when an internal base is created, it holds an inner quality, and a force of attraction is created, producing waves that interface with this quality, attracting that which is similar and desires to interface, and thus, the interaction is created.

You are to understand this data, because if you observe this principle in its reversed attribute, indeed, within those cosmic realms, that which is different, is rejected. This is a situation, in which the internal reality rejects all that is incompatible.

2. The Law of Attraction, like unto itself is drawn, ensures a continual and complete course of development

And thus, we would say, as you observe the cosmic realms, indeed you shall notice that this principle creates development within the pathways of light, where the inner realms continually attract appropriate systems of experience and potentials.

We would say, we do not categorize this as good or bad, but rather as one quality meeting another quality, creating an interference, an interaction that holds mutual enrichment shall we say, a development born out of experience.

You are to understand, when situations such as these are created, a gradual movement is safeguarded and preserved, where the internal realm continually meets coordinated data.

And we would say this creates a situation in which a full and complete sequence is insured.

We would say a full and complete genetic sequence that creates an inner connection that migrates from one point of development to another, continually attracting appropriate qualities, and thus a field of probabilities is created where the essence flows, based upon attraction that holds experimentation.

3. The movement within a field of experimentation of the realm of Earth, free choice and the Law of Attraction

You are to understand this data. Because, if you view the realm of Earth as a field of experimentation, certainly you shall recognize situations in which those born into the realm of Earth, launching themselves into the experiences offered by this realm, moving within the existing reality systems, are as those who create movement within a field of experimentation, within a field of broad and diverse potentials.

We would say that as you observe these situations, indeed, you move forward upon the path of life, while maintaining an inner quality. And this inner quality changes as you move forward, in accordance with the choices made, and experiences created, and thus we would say: choice and result and consequence.

If you observe the array we are describing: choice, result, consequence - you shall recognize an inner quality that continually exists within a field of probabilities, a situation in which that inner essence, that inner quality changes and evolves, continually attracting probabilities that exist within the holographic system – the reality system of planet Earth, continually attracting the matching potentials that coordinate with this inner quality and its evolution.

We would say, we do not define this as good or bad. We would say, this is an internal quality that moves within the Earth’s field of probabilities, within that holographic realm, that familiar reality system, and thus attracts potentials that coordinate with the internal quality.

We would say, you are to understand that such movement exists within the context of the comprehensive realm.

And you are to understand that this essence of yours, when it moves forward within the Earthly trajectory, remains tied to the intent of the soul, connected with a higher intention that desires to manifest a defined and known path of development. We would say, this is a defined and known path of evolution that contains set milestones that hold a broad spectrum of possibilities that may be actualized as development.

We would say that there are many potential paths, holding free choice.

And we would say, that the soul’s intent creates a direct influence upon the field of experiences, through which you walk.

Meaning, if your soul essence chooses to maintain a particular realm of development that holds specific data shall we say, indeed, the desire to attract data that is different from the intention of the soul, and place this upon your path, does not work well with that Law of Attraction.  

We would say, this means that even if you create an inner realm that is a full and complete holographic imaging of your desire – in the event in which this desire is not compatible with the desire of the soul, a collision is created, and thus the attraction is not sustained.

4. The Active Will and Wishful Heart that enable a distillate inner connection, coordinated with the desire of the soul  

You are to understand this data, because when you activate your desire, you are to notice that we have guided you towards that Active Will of yours, we have guided you towards that Wishful Heart of yours, and when we did this, we directed you to create a precise inner demand that is coordinated and calibrated in conjunction with the soul’s desire.

Because you are to understand, the desire of the soul is extremely pure. And often, when you reside within the reality system of planet Earth, you are lead astray by all that it offers, by the many different existing expressions, the wealth of possibilities that are available. And thus you often distance yourselves from that inner pure realm, and move towards the reactive desires that are a product of the inventory that exists within the world of Earth, creating movement that is not necessarily coordinated with the trajectory you have planned on a soul level.

5. The Law of Reflection as an internal holographic imaging that meets an external holographic imaging

You are to understand this data, because if you observe the principle of reflection, and the principle "like unto itself is drawn", which you recognize from the cosmic realms, indeed this principle is applied in a manner in which the Active Will is present, and the distillate Wishful Heart is aware, and thus creates an inner demand that produces a holographic imaging.

And this holographic imaging is an inner realm that holds the realization and internal manifestation of that Active Will of yours, and when this is created, an internal creation is produced. Meaning, your power of creation uses the force of ingenuity, the force of imagination, the force of the Insightful Heart, the Wishful Heart and Active Will, holding an inner holographic imaging that possesses the existing desire. And when you do this, indeed the projection created from within, shall be reflected back unto you, emanating from that external realm of yours.

6. Holographic imaging, aware and unaware reflections

These reflections are extremely diverse.

When you create an inner holographic imaging, in an aware and conscious fashion, indeed that aware consciousness and active awareness shall create a holographic imaging or a reflection upon the external reality in a manner that does not surprise you, because you are aware of the active demand that you created and to the extremely active internal desire, aware of the holographic imaging created. Thus the internal holographic imaging meets an external holographic imaging, existing within the reality system you are planted within, and thus, fulfilment is created. This we would call a compatible reflection.

You are to understand this data, because often you create an unaware inner demand, creating action that you are unaware of, lacking an active connection to the soul's intent, and thus you create movement, an internal holographic imaging that you are not aware of, and thus you are surprised when you meet the external holographic projection or the encountered reflection.

And thus you are to understand that when you maintain an awareness of demand and active awareness and remain conscious of the inner reciprocal relations that are connected with your higher self, indeed a state is created in which you can identify the reflective system and express reciprocal relations with it, in gratitude.

We would say, you shall find many different and diverse reflections.

We would say, you shall find reflections that hold the fulfilment of desires.

And you shall find reflections that hold learning and challenge and experimentation.

And you shall find reflections that hold reciprocal relations with additional beings, with friends that you interact with - reflections meeting reflections.

And we would say, you shall find that the field of experience you journey through, while living a human life, is a field that is extremely rich and diverse.

7. The flaw within the Law of Attraction within Earth's system of reality and inverse reflections

You are to understand this data, because as you observe the additional quality that exists within Earth's system of reality, indeed you shall recognize situations, where due to the deviation from standards that exist within your area of existence, due to those situations in which Earth has strayed far from its path, and from the cosmic principles and values, you shall observe that the principle - like unto itself is drawn, is flawed. 

Meaning, if you observe (and we shall grant you a clear and simple understanding), you shall recognize a familiar state of mind that says: “The righteous suffer and the wicked benefit”. And thus, often the inner realm that is connected to cosmic values and the distillate Active Will, which moves in coordination with the intent of the soul, in conjunction with those higher principles - meets an inverse reflection.

This is because, the individuals that reside within the world of Earth, often have deviated from their path, often lead astray from that internal distillate realm of theirs, lead astray from cosmic values and principles. And we would say that this deviation stems from your reality system, and from the interventions and control that is prevalent. This often creates situations in which the inner pulse meets, shall we say, an inverse reflection, or shall we say a destructive interference. 

And thus you may perceive situations, in which you may recognize a reversal in meanings, where the beloved becomes an enemy, and love is reflected within a system of hatred, where brotherhood and mutual responsibility is reflected within a system of factionalism, resentment and alienation. And this we would say, is common within your world.

And you are to understand that when you ask to comprehend and change these situations, in which the original intent that emanates from the distillate inner being, meets a reversal of meanings. You are to understand that the reversal of those meanings, the return to a path of light, to a road that coordinates cosmic principles with the principle of like unto itself is drawn, is a path where humanity is required to self-calibrate, returning to the frequency of source.

8. Returning to the frequency of source, fulfilling the cosmic principle “Hillhar

We would say, those data and consciousness packets that we expressed within the world of Earth, we have described their context, we have described ways to create a return to the genesis of self, a return to the frequency of source, and we have brought forth the Set of Values that teaches the sustainment of harmonic reflections that creates prosperity, mutual enrichment and development.

We have described all this. We would say that we have expressed and brought forth those cosmic values, and we have illustrated and fulfilled this within the world of Earth as a regularity that exists within a regularity. And you are to understand, we have brought all this to your doorstep, bringing you that exalted cosmic principle “Hillhar”, which directs each and every one of you to first and foremost, connect with the frequency of self, with that inner distillate essence that holds inner attentiveness that is connected to higher guidance.

And thus, the distillate Active Will and the pulsating Wishful Heart, create an internal holographic image that reflects harmoniously with the external reality, and even more than that, an inner beat of tremendous strength is created, holding an ability to resonate as a present probability, as a present actuality, within a realm of many different contexts that often react with what we would call, an inverse frequency.                               

And thus understand, we guide you to understand and recognize this exalted cosmic principle of “Hillhar”, guiding you to a realm in which worthiness meets worthiness, where love induces love upon its surroundings, and thus changes them, reversing the false meanings, creating healing, recovery, and relief.

And you are to understand, that the love and the inner pulse that holds inspiration and resonance, holds validity. And this is a valid and present state of being, that defines its borders, and positions itself as a solid anchor, anchoring a new regularity, where like unto itself is drawn, creating mutual enrichment and increasing those supporting probabilities within that holographic experience – the reality system of the world of Earth.

9.  Recommendations for identifying and mapping personal development within the holographic system of reality

You are to understand, when you are required to ascend to the next level, you are required to become familiar with your personal manner of movement within the probability field of Earth, within the holographic reality system, and thus to identify the internal creation and holographic imaging, with an active and aware consciousness.

You are to identify that pure and distillate Active Will and that Wishful Heart that asks to guide you, validating them by a shift of focus. 

And you are to identify the projection of that reflection, which serves your evolution, using experiences and lessons.

You are to recognize those situations in which like unto itself is drawn and those situations in which that which is different is rejected.

And you are to identify those situations, where one quality attracts a different quality, due to the deviation from standards that exist within your world, and thus you need to amplify a resonance that seeks to induce values and inspiration, with an Active Will and Enlightened Heart.

You are to identify free choice as it becomes an aware free choice that is mindful, monitors, weighs and launches the desire of creation, directing this towards the realm in which you reside.

We would say, you are to express the skill of understanding, comprehending and establishing the principle of “Hillhar”, learning to become a complete and harmonious system of reflection, and thus become an holographic projector, creating a distillate inner projection, meeting the distillate projections of others, and thus creating an infrastructure network that establishes a new regularity.

You are to understand this data, because the Enlightened Heart is greatly needed, because the Valid Presence that defines boundaries and defines a significant presence is tremendously important in regards to that ability to anchor the regularity of “Hillhar”.

And thus understand, the Set of Values, the mapping of the different aspects of the mind and emotions, the attentiveness, and the clear commitment to a path that is connected to the higher guidance of the soul, is that which paves the way, for you as well as for others, towards a new actuality.

And with this we give thanks, and with this we depart.