How to create change if there is fear of change

Louharya | 06.10.2018

Greetings friends

I am continuing with the series of short consciousness packets, which are intended to support the conduct during the present times, where a window of opportunity is wide open, allowing each and every one that chooses so, to move themselves and their lives to a new level of manifestation and self-expression.

I am writing these short packets, because I recognize that during this period, many are confused and experience disruptions in their communication with the “inner compass” 

 Preface - The cage is open and the bird refuses to fly

Very powerful forces are influencing the reality system of Earth, gently navigating the world of Earth and humanity towards a course designed to secure the transition to a new level of evolution.

These forces are undermining the existing infrastructures, creating a summation and a deep cleansing of past charges, karmas, and residues that are etched into the collective consciousness and create distortions within time and space, while perpetuating of hindering and limiting behaviors in time loops.

For those who wish to explore more about time-loops

The forces undermining the existing infrastructures are also influencing the human psyche, and undermining the infrastructure on which the ego established its limiting control.

Thus, the door to the cage the ego has created is open, and a path to express freedom which contains deep change that leads to a new inner reality unfolds before each and everyone.

Often, the door of the cage is open but the bird refuses to fly and leave the cage… This is expressed by an attachment to the ego which provides the individual with a sense of certainty, in which there is a well-defined self-identity which is connected to a story that defines the entire worldview and free choice.

Leaving the cage does not mean abandoning an external physical place, but rather the willingness to dissolve the inner cage where the ego imprisons the distilled self and prevents the expression of anything emanating from it.

When I write about the open window of opportunity, I want to bringto the awareness of those who are reading these lines, that maybe reality looks the same, but it is completely different. Meaning, all the laws we have known are gradually dissolving into new rules that transfer much more power into the hands of each and every one.

From all this, the principle I have written about more than once, “What we create shall be”, is greatly enhanced.

Meaning, the thoughts, the emotions, the worldviews, the self-perception, the forces that drive the psyche and the actions (or the absence of actions) that result from them - strongly shape the personal reality and of course the collective reality that we all create together.

The huge amplifier attached to each and every one 

Try to imagine this as a huge amplifier attached to your body and psyche, that starts to powerfully amplify your inner driving forces: all the voices found within you, your belief systems, the worldviews by which you define your identity - all is amplified.

This huge amplifier intensifies both the supporting forces that are found within you, and the limiting and deceptive forces.

At these times, those who cling to a limiting worldview, preserve fears, duality, burden and survival mentality and are unwilling to change - are beginning to feel these forces which are greatly enhanced by the amplifier I described - which is the regularity that has changed.

This creates confusion and might disrupt the “inner compass” and divert from the King’s Highway.

Therefore it is important during these times to turn inwards, to stop even for a moment and remember the original intent which is the basis of the processes you have created so far, your vision, the values you believe in, axioms you defined for yourselves - and by choosing honesty and transparency, agree to change.

I recognize that there are those who are very afraid of change and perceive it as a threat to who they are.

Thus an inner paradox is created, where on the one hand the person creates a process of transformation and is interested in change, and on the other, he maintains an inner world that resists change and perceives it as threatening to the self-identity.

When fear surfaces during the process of transformation, ask yourselves:

How do I want to change if I am afraid to change?

An effort that does not bear fruit - Frustration as a tool in the hands of the ego

When the psyche holds on to addictions, habits, conditionings, and norms that create an illusory feeling of worth and existential security, a closed circle of movement is created.

In this situation, the ego receives the steering wheel into his hands, and the distilled self is pushed aside.

Thus, on the one hand, there is a desire for development, but on the other, the person holds on to the qualities of the psyche, without converting them.

This is a situation in which the individual experiences that the investment and effort created, does not bear fruit.

This leads to frustration and disappointment, creating doubt and skepticism in the process and in the personal ability, which, in turn, can lead to delusion.

When there is devotion emanating from significance and a commitment not to leave areas that have not been converted – this bears fruit and activates the Empowering Circle of Enhanced Fulfillment which is accompanied by the joy of being and creation.

(More about the Empowering Circle of Enhanced Fulfillment in the “Empowering Circles” course which will be at the convergence point “Mediators of Worlds”)

The fear of losing one’s identity in the transformation process – An illusory inner paradox

An additional important understanding is, that the essence of the present period we are currently at, is movement, change, dynamism, flexibility, and transformation.

Reality is changing, the world is changing, global systems are going through a profound transformation. What was true a moment ago becomes irrelevant and is changed by a new approach, and everything is moving at a fast pace in a powerful movement that is reshaping the world.

Across the world we see struggles between forces representing the “old” asking to maintain what exists, and forces representing the “new” asking to express momentum and change.

These struggles are not only found on the outside, but are also embedded within the person, in the forces I previously described.

The recognition that there are also forces within the psyche which are not interested in change, allows to begin to identify these forces and the ego which nourishes them and aspires to create stagnation and perpetuate movement in a closed circle.

Once you have identified these forces, observe the self and identify the spark within which knows that the essence of the self is continuous change, dynamism, and flexibility. This is the voice of the soul asking to awaken within you a deep memory of your distilled and pure essence, before it was influenced by the game of life here on Earth.

This voice does not direct you towards external action, but asks you to agree to change from within, without fear or hesitation of losing your identity.

The fear of losing the identity during the process of transformation emanates from a limiting and flawed premise which sees the self, the personality, the body and psyche as absolute.

In this premise, one clings to the a well known and set identity, in order to define existential security and certainty, but in fact this clinging blocks your ability to recognize the many different aspects of the self which are you, that are waiting to be expressed.

The awareness that reality is not absolute, that there are many layers of reality, and that you are also not absolute and there are many potential selves asking to be expressed, helps to release the fear of change in favor of curiosity: Who will I become now and how will I expand beyond the self I already know?

This question opens a door to become familiar with new forces within the psyche which had no room before. 

Getting to know new forces of the psyche

 If you were used to motivating yourselves using survival and fear - you will find you are learning to motivate yourselves using curiosity and creativity

 If you were used to protect yourselves from failure and disappointment by being cynical, protective and closed - you will find yourselves learning to open up to exhilaration, innocence, exposing your hearts through an understanding that failure and success do not define you but allow you to experience new things, gain new skills and expand who you are.

 If you used to look at the world from a perspective of burden which lead to laziness, slack, irresponsibility, and avoiding the need to support yourself financially - you will find within yourselves new forces of responsibility, ease, and diligence which allow you to support yourselves and enhance your material abundance so that it can support your spiritual evolution

If you were used to maintaining relationships based on friction and emotional residues - you will find yourselves maintaining a new dialog and taking action which influences and completely changes your relationships

And many more examples - that hold a common core - agreeing to an inner change gives birth to a change in your daily reality, based on the understanding that nothing is lost, but simply changes form and exposes you to more and more aspects of who you are.

Yours with lots of love and goodwill