The reciprocal relations within The Unified Field embody the value Hillhar.

Hillhar is a basic value in the development of light, expressing the aspiration of light to create a vast and rich puzzle of many different perspectives, assembling a complete and harmonious picture, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  

Meaning, each and every member of the Family of Light acknowledges himself as a component of the whole, which is the expansive home of the Unified Field.

Each and every one of the Family of Light recognizes that those who surround us are a reflection of the self. Thus, each encounter between the self and another singular part gives birth to mutual enrichment, a sharing of data and different unique views, creating an abundance of additional cosmic wisdom

In addition to being a basic value, the Hillhar principle is a cosmic manner of conduct that holds the responsibility towards the reciprocal relations among the different and diverse singular parts, creating together a common interface, expressing itself as reality

Meaning, the value Hillhar, as a cosmic manner of action, represents the commitment of each and every one of the Family of Light, to express an inner realm that projects harmonious reflections upon the external realm. Thus, taking responsibility for the holographic tapestry that is woven from a multitude of projections, coming together to create reality.

The Multi-Cosmos is composed of many different systems of realities being different schools of experience, development and learning. These systems are the product of reciprocal relations between the different singular parts who reside within the different realities, the reality system itself, and among themselves.

The value Hillhar expresses the recognition that the reality is a reflection of the inner self and that the collective reality is a reflection of the collective self that is composed of holographic projections, springing from the inner selves of those residing within the reality system.

Hillhar describes a meeting point of enrichment and development between cosmic beings.


My essence meets your essence.

My heart meets your heart.

We are all part of the overall harmony. We are all expressions of light,

part of The Unified Field.

We are one.

Hillhar is the individual's recognition that all singular points share a joint Event Horizon.

We are all expressions of the One, a reflection of one another.

I see in the other my own reflection and the other sees his reflection in me. By this, we enable new angles of observation, enriching and empowering each other.

Hillhar is a key value, for acting as co-creators in a Circle of Combinations that creates mutual enrichment and wisdom-sharing that benefit all in a cycle of Giving and Receiving.

The value Hillhar expresses the active recognition that in each and every part of the whole, there is an aspect that may be passed on to others.

I meet you, and at the meeting point you enrich me, and I enrich you.

I acknowledge it.

I thank you.