The Golden Triangle – Know Thyself

The Golden Triangle is a cosmic model that enables creating harmonious integration of the three primary expression levels, which express the translation of the eternal cosmic essence into a corporeal being: the soul, the spirit, and the psyche.

The soul is an eternal field of consciousness, intelligent and evolving, which contains all the cosmic knowledge and experience that were accumulated over the developmental cycles, both in the Realm of Earth and in all other realms of Creation.

The spirit is the intelligent cosmic thought, the flow of concepts and ideas wishing to be expressed. A consciousness which expands by continuous development, in which there is collection and gaining of understandings and developmental conclusions that create a set doctrine.

The psyche is the translation system of the soul as it seeks to manifest in the form of a human being upon the face of Earth. The psyche is a collection of energetic and physical fields, thin and dense molecular structures that contain the cosmic genome, as well as the information that expresses the aspects of personality, emotion, thought, will, and the material body. Through these structures, the soul creates the connection to the corporeal experience of life.

The Golden Triangle aids in coordinating the three expression levels: soul, spirit, and psyche. It is a tool that allows us to bridge the gap between the refined cosmic essence and fulfillment in practice.

It is an identification tool that allows self-precision, as in – Know thyself.

Using the Golden Triangle connects to honesty, acceptance, and recognition of the unique, personal essence. The Golden Triangle constitutes an accurate observation, in which there is a higher, broader, unidentified and impersonal Perspective.

The Golden Triangle may be activated at any crossroads of choices in life, and thus, adapt to vision that holds Enlightened Wisdom.

Asking precise questions and having an inner dialogue allows us to make successful use of this tool – to identify mental and emotional obstructions, and transform them.

Know where you come from – On its highest level, this value leads to understanding purpose and cosmic belonging. It is an essential question that broadens one's perspective and consciousness.

On the everyday level, we can ask: From where do I approach the matter at hand, what are the driving forces, what is the inner impulse leading me regarding the matter at hand? From what mental and emotional place am I approaching the situation?

These questions connect to an honest recognition of the developmental level, the personal hue, the developmental achievements and aspirations, all of which are within the authentic self.

Know where you are you heading – Observation of the purpose, leading to the ability to express the refined Active Will, along with creating energetic demand for the activation of the personal creative force, and generation of supporting probabilities.

This side of the triangle invites us to ponder where we wish to go as conscious creators. What does one wish to create and generate, focusing primarily on the inner level?

Know your abilities – Allows creation of precise resource channeling towards realization.

This side invites one to identify the abilities, strengths, and tools obtained along the way. How to utilize the tools and abilities to generate movement in the direction of the desired development, as well as what are one's weaknesses, and how can they be overcome?

These questions help us to see that which exists, emanating from what is, and to renew continuously, out of the recognition of developmental accomplishments, in the personal hue and in the unique expression, alongside defining the developmental will and the heart's desire for expansion out of willingness to change.