Even Consciousness Needs to be Nurtured

Louharya | 18.04.2021


Consciousness and awareness are qualities that need to be developed and nurtured regularly, just like any skill acquired here in the physical world Just as you maintain physical fitness, it is necessary to maintain your consciousness in fitness…

This can be likened to a person learning to play an instrument. It is a process of accumulating skill and acquiring ability until the instruments can be played fluently and harmoniously. Once the ability to play is established, constant training is required since it allows one to nurture the acquired skill and expand one’s virtuosity and personal ability.

If we neglect the training, it can cause a setback in the quality of the playing, and in certain cases, it might even lead to forgetting entirely what was already learned.

So it is with your consciousness. If you neglect your consciousness and dive into everyday tasks, the routine of life, and the constant preoccupation with the obvious, visible, familiar, and known world - you will find that the insights and the broad spectrum that were acquired, gradually diminish like a painting that fades and loses its sharpness and brilliance, to a point t is so blurry, until it is no longer possible to discern what was painted in it.


The development of consciousness and awareness is a gradual process, in which step by step you expand your perspective, stretch your thought out of the box and patterns, release prejudices, dissipate the personal “glass ceiling” and are exposed to an extended perception of reality that is beyond the obvious, familiar and known.

The expanded consciousness presents to you other parts of reality that you have not seen before and opens you up to new possibilities that you have not recognized until now because they were not within your range of consciousness and perception.

In the process of developing consciousness, you learn, as mentioned, to recognize the hidden world, the world that is not obvious - the world of reasons that affects the visible results in the daily reality of life.

As you nurture consciousness, you establish a cognitive and emotional skill that allows you to look at yourself and the world with intelligent eyes, to be aware of the choices you make, the results and their consequences, to observe processes from a higher perspective, and identify the context in which events occur.

The developed consciousness expands self-awareness and makes it possible to identify the various mechanisms that activate your psyche and operate behind the scenes of the world in which we live.


Expanding consciousness and awareness and nurturing intelligence and conceptual and value-based depth, influence the way you perceive reality and shape the course of your life. Meaning, there is a direct connection between the broad spectrum of your consciousness and how you will create the reality of your life.

consciousness and awareness and creating the bridge between them and actual realization, is the purpose of the human life journey in the physical world, here on Earth. A journey whose essence is to bridge spirit to matter and allow the consciousness to remain awake and open, flexible and renewed even in the encounter with matter, gravity, and the material world.

The material world tends to diminish consciousness because it focuses personal attention on the tangible, visible and material. Thus, in order to expand consciousness, it is necessary to focus the mind on the development of consciousness and awareness and to train the brain, thought, emotions and senses, to absorb and translate abstract and sometimes also complex and invisible ideas, to believe that they are viable and to allow them to be expressed in daily life.


What are my recommendations to you for maintaining consciousness fitness?

1. Treat your consciousness as you treat any skill you have acquired and developed. Meaning, cherish the consciousness and be sure to maintain it on a regular basis in order to keep it wide, open, and awake.

2. Expand consciousness by devoting regular time-windows within the routine of life to engaging in contemplation and development of consciousness and awareness, the exploration of the abstract and hidden, and the dissolving of the personal “glass ceiling”.

3. Train your senses, thoughts and emotions to absorb additional layers of reality that are not visible at first glance, and try to translate what you perceive into applicable insights and ideas.