Dealing with Pain - Part 3: mental and emotional characteristics that create pain

Louharya | 03.12.2019

There are several main mental and emotional characteristics within the psyche that provide an anchor for the human ego, enabling it to maintain an endless experience of pain and suffering.

These are characteristics that distort the perception of reality and create a biased perspective that constantly colors the individual’s psyche in murky and disharmonious colors, creating a lack of harmony, which awakens distress and pain.

❓ If this is the case, what are these qualities?

1. An attachment to trauma and past residues ➡️ Interpreting different situations in life through a filter to a traumatic event, thus replaying the incident time and time again, and repeatedly reopening the wound.

2. Vulnerability and victimism ➡️ maintaining a victim mentality through the person controls others by using insult and vulnerability, thus creating a forced and twisted relationship that holds fear, restraint, denial, and a power struggle.

3. Holding a grudge ➡️ a continual experience of anger, hatred, victimism and conflict, bitterness, hostility, and even a desire for vengeance and restrained fury. These mental and emotional qualities poison the psyche and fill it with negativity.

4. Regret and a sense of failure ➡️ giving birth to a continual experience of dissatisfaction, misgiving, deadlock, and sensation of defeat, weakness, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, hopelessness, and a lack of vision.

5. Nostalgia and longing for what used to be ➡️ a focus on the past and what no longer exists that leaves the individual in a continual sensation of lack, and stagnation, where he ceases to be present.

6. Inflexibility and a lack of willingness to renew ➡️ the individual remain unwilling to let go of anchors that create a sense of security and define the self. In this case, the individual will cling to others, relationships, and achievements, even after they have fulfilled their purpose. This gives birth to internal and external conflicts, and an experience of rejection, as the individual tries with all their might to hold on to something that has ended, thus creating frustration, misery, and pain.

❓ How does a change of perspective changes these mental and emotional characteristics, and convert them into qualities that are up-lifting and encourage new mental and emotional habits? ❓ What emotional and mental characteristics support life without pain?

I will discuss this in the fourth part 

Yours with love ????

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