The Cosmic University


The Cosmic University is a body whose purpose and calling is to provide innovative consciousness and knowledge, in order to advance humanity towards unity, welfare, sustainability and abundance. This springs from an awakening of a new consciousness and the development of awareness and technology which transcends the limitations of the mind and matter, providing ways of conduct for establishing a society, which is connected to its cosmic roots and acts with wisdom, peace and unity.

The Cosmic University brings a wide-range and diverse knowledge that covers a rich spectrum of channels and disciplines such as science, medicine, physics, spirit, awareness, society, education, economics, art, creativity and more, based on a futuristic world view, benefiting both the individual and the whole, as one.

The University sees in passing on of its knowledge and methods, a deep purpose and calling. The Cosmic University wishes to expand its ripples of influence, in Israel and around the world, by bringing its unique developmental processes, innovative methods of study and profound knowledge and consciousness to all.

The Cosmic University does not grant academic degrees of any kind and does not intend to do so in the future, as we do not believe in external exams and grades but in personal responsibility and inner transformation.