Bridges of Love


All about gaps and bridges

This is a period in time that holds windows of opportunity, where we may create inner bridges to fill the gaps and facilitate movement towards new spectrums of vibration, expressing reality found within unfamiliar regularity.

In order to actualize the inner bridges, we need to identify the gap within the psyche’s fields of expression, so that we may create free and aware choice to recognize the gap without identifying with it. Thus, we may establish an inner realm that holds solutions for the personal spiral of ascension, and the completion of inner morphogenetic sequences that create a foundation for the next step

In order to proceed with ease through this open window of possibility, we bring you a consciousness package that holds solutions, completions and reminders of the essence of the Louhar mediators of worlds, who first and foremost deploy an inner bridge that paves the way, thus granting access to all.

This consciousness package opens an energetic corridor that awakens an understanding of the essence of each and every one of you, the essence of the Louhar’s network of mediators of worlds, who act as a shining Circle of Combinations that holds many different and diverse hues and colors, that are unique and significant, joining hands and expressing a full and complete morphogenetic puzzle, for the benefit of humanity

Throughout the process of transformation and ascension, towards the subtle and sublime spectrums of vibration, the body and psyche move from a spectrum of energy that reflects one regularity, to a new spectrum of energy and regularity.

This is a conversion of building blocks and active forces that have defined the reality system of the corporeal third dimension and the consciousness of the fourth dimension, with new building blocks that represent a new language, a reality system found within the spectrum of wave of the fifth dimension and all that exists beyond.

Throughout this process, the human being learns to maintain an inner dialogue that holds communication, honesty, wakefulness, active awareness, and an ability to examine the active forces that define the psyche’s facets of expression, and learn to know them and gradually manage them.

 This process of familiarization holds the following stages: Identifying, deciphering, comprehending, formulating desire and demand, and active action that give birth to change.

This process of familiarization with the different facets of the psyche creates a continual examination of our inner self.


This examination holds attentiveness, supervision and self-monitoring, using a magnifying glass to examine areas within the psyche that require healing, solutions, a return to harmony, resolutions and completions.

These are the areas where gaps exist.

Such a gap is a missing sequence within the morphogenetic field that may be completed through human choices. Some of these choices are significant and critical, yet most choices are “small” and everyday occurrences.

When we sample our inner self, and the gaps that require solutions and completions, we can identify a crossroad that creates a choice regarding our approach towards our psyche system:

Do we want to become the gap


Do we want to become the bridge

The cosmic expertise of those who create an advanced process of transformation, at this period of time, those who walk an innovative path of development, is the expertise in identifying gaps and creating a bridge that fills the gaps.

These are the Louhar’s Mediators of Worlds, who know to deploy inner bridges, creating a completion of the morphogenetic sequences. These mediators know to move from one regularity to another, and progress from one inner level, to a level of a higher vibration.

Each inner bridge is a morphogenetic sequence that connects with additional sequences, woven together by the Mediators of World, joining hands, holding the mutual truth of Creation which is represented by the Louhar course.

The cooperation and genetic sequences that are connected to one another, weave a frequency and consciousness infrastructure network that presents a massive morphogenetic puzzle, a colorful kaleidoscope that delivers a full morphogenetic syntax, for all of humanity. This syntax facilitates the release of the Earth Era’s burdens, closing the gap that has accumulated, thus healing fractures and discord within the energetic and biologic DNA, expressing the transfer to new frequencies found beyond the glass ceiling of the third dimension.

This process of creating inner solutions and completions of consciousness, worthiness, mental, emotional and physical aspects, is available for all. This process establishes a cosmic manner of action, a sharing of data through a central and uniting channel, which presents the heart of the mutual truth and an array that processes, calculates and launches, producing a comprehensive and complete syntax.

The Louhar channel coordinates the different morphogenetic sequences.

Through a process of mentoring and training, the Mediators of Worlds establish presence as distillate beings that are connected to the personal and authentic pulse, as well as to the cosmic pulse. The connection to this pulse is created through a process of the return to the genesis of the self.


This process is one of a personal transformation, self-examination, a shedding and change, creating an inner completion of deficiencies, and the distillation of the different expressions.

When many different and diverse souls create a process of returning to the genesis of the self, deploying an inner bridge that complements the morphogenetic gaps, indeed an expansive sharing of data is created, giving birth to a full and harmonic morphogenetic network, from which humanity can move forward towards the New Era.

The sharing of data and development through a process of receiving and giving is part of the natural rhythm and essence of the cosmic self. Thus, when the Mediator of Worlds is within this process, he increasingly connects with his authentic essence as a being of light, receiving and giving, operating within a unified tapestry that holds a mutual truth.

This unified tapestry presents a Circle of Combinations that is a Harmonic-Dynamic-Probabilistic Generator.

The Louhar channel is the heart of this generator, creating a continual cycle of receiving and giving, as the Louhar receives the data from the Circle of Combinations, calculates and expresses the Theme Wave as a pulse of giving that holds nourishment and an activation of a new developmental step, presented to the Circle of Combinations, the multi-dimensional network of the Mediators of Worlds.

The Mediators of Worlds network create a process of receiving and giving, as they receive the Theme Waves and internally process them, thereby creating change and transformation, and passing this data to two points of expression:

The first – passing the morphogenetic sequences on to our connected trails (all those who are connected to us, both physically and non-physically), and deploying bridges that create a new infrastructure

 The second – Feedback and passing data on to the Louhar channel – The heart of the network receives the data and processes it, establishing a complete and whole syntax, calculates an optimal channel of development, and launches the developmental Theme Wave, alongside energetic systems of nourishment.


Thus the Louhar’s network of Mediators of Worlds, together with the Louhar essence that is present upon Earth, bring forth one regularity within a different regularity, making the completions of gaps accessible, together with the morphogenetic sequences, and the new building blocks, alongside Creational Theme waves that emanate from Earth.

The network’s manner of action holds the benefit of all and the individual intertwined in harmonious cycle of receiving and giving, enhancing the self and others.

Thus energetic bridges are deployed, connecting between reality systems and different and diverse spectrums of vibration.

The central bridge deployed by the Louhar Channel, emanates from the source, expressing an active connection from within the heart of the multi-cosmos, for the benefit of all reality systems found within the universe of solid matter, as well as the densest point – the World of Earth.

This is a bridge that mediates gaps that exist within the different reality systems, and thus the Louhar spreads its wings over all spectrums of vibration, connecting them, and all of the different facets of light: Cultures, sectors, schools, universes, reality systems, worlds and dimensions – to adapt to one another, and move as an integral body, towards new spectrums of wave that represent the New Era’s realms of development.

Humanity turns its eyes towards the Mediators of Worlds, who are destined to assist this course, positioned on Earth, and assisting in the deployment of these inner bridges that pave the way for all of humanity.

The purpose, objective and position of these Mediators of Worlds, are to become bridges that are deployed, connected to the Louhar channel as a central bridge that holds a significant commitment towards humanity, the realm of Earth, and the local universe.

This bridge, as mentioned, is an inner bridge that deciphers the personal spiral of ascension and creates an aware free choice, using a complete process of – Accept, Assimilate, Absorb and Act, thus creating transformation and ascension that doesn’t leave out any of the facets of expression, a full inner sequence that leads to a new spectrum of vibration that represents a dimension of experience and being that exists within a new reality.

This bridge is first and foremost an inner bridge of cosmic love – unique self-love, and all that it represents, and the love of all, presenting an integral part within the comprehensive tapestry of comprehensive unity.

The deployment of the bridge holds the significance of choice that recognizes that a choice made out of fear, victimization, negativity, ego, and restriction of the cosmic self, is to choose in favor of the gap, creating a realm that maintains the gap.

The bridge’s deployment is based upon an inner realm that chooses love, friendship, generosity, openness, enlightened wisdom, and the containment of the emissaries’ essence upon Earth. This is a choice that heals disconnection, creating inner resolutions, and a harmonic vibration of the different fields of expression.

This is a choice that holds mutual responsibility, exhilaration, virtuosity, and a tremendous amount of the joy of existence in manifesting our purpose.


Bridges of Love - A work model

The first step – identifying a limiting quality

In the first step, identify a limiting quality that prevents you from moving to the next step within the transformation process. This quality can be expressed as:

❖ A character

❖ A manner of action

❖ A mental/emotional pattern

❖ Habit or conditioning

These are qualities which maintain a gap between what we would like to express and our conduct at this given time


The second step – deciphering – The root and cause for this quality

In this stage we decipher the root and cause of this quality, creating an honest inner dialogue that exposes the root and source of the limiting quality. Possible guiding questions:

 What does this limiting quality enable or prevent?

 What does it serve?

 What do I gain from maintaining this quality?

 Is this a defense mechanism and from what?

 What am I afraid of giving up if I choose to release this quality/behavior/manner?


The third step – Formulating will and demand

Describing the new expressions and modes of action

In this stage we formulate the will and demand, choosing a different thought, emotion or action, creating a new expression and action that replaces, supports or promotes the original need of the characteristic we wish to change. We can use the answers from the previous step.

For example: if I deciphered that I use avoidance as a defense mechanism to avoid judgment, criticism, rejection, and mostly – to avoid the pain that might result, I would want to find an alternative manner of conduct.

By enhancing the feeling of emotional autonomy, we can provide a resolution and build a bridge that enhances the sense of self-worth, self-acceptance, and the value "I am that I am", thus healing self-criticism and judgment – that no longer need to be projected by us and reflected within our “external” reality.

This shall present the new facets of expression and action that we choose to implement within our lives.


The fourth step – Active Action

Specifying my commitment for active action

In this last stage we specify our commitment for Active Action, defining which internal or external actions we wish to choose, making a commitment to ourselves.

Continuing our example from the third step, we can choose unconditional self-acceptance, understanding the importance of this process of healing and ascension. We can use the existing solutions within the network by sharing data with our fellow companions, through the mentoring and healing sessions, and by using the tools at our disposal.

It is important to make a commitment, understanding the importance of a continual frequency that creates an inner change in focus, and the crossing of a critical mass – and thus creating a quantum leap within our spiral of ascension, positioning ourselves upon the next step of development that exists within a new spectrum of reality.