All Answers Lie Within - Nurturing Self-Worth: Part 4

Louharya | 19.01.2020

Cultivating mental-emotional qualities that enhance self-worth

In the previous three posts of the series addressing the subject of self-worth, I brought understandings about the damage to self-worth throughout life, laid out before you the mental-emotional qualities that grant self-worth and offered you tools that enable creating a change in attitude.

In this chapter, the fourth and last in this series, I would like to give you recommendations on how to cultivate the mental-emotional qualities that support your self-worth.


Self-worth is composed of a mixture of mental-emotional qualities that create an inner experience of ease, confidence, peace, strength, and a sense of being able.

Once you commit to yourselves to cultivate the mixture of mental-emotional qualities that support self-worth, you begin to consciously shape your inner world in a manner that influences the external reality.

Here are recommendations to cultivate the mental-emotional qualities that support self-worth:

✅ Recognize your personal uniqueness -
Ask yourselves what is your uniqueness? How is it characterized? How can you enhance and cultivate it? And do it!

✅ Accept your unique self -
When you identify that you are rejecting your uniqueness and do not accept who you are, stop and change your attitude from rejecting and negating who you are, to agreeing to accept who you are

✅ Self-love and inner peace -
When you address yourselves with negative emotions, hostility, and are having inner struggles, stop, identify the voices that give rise to the struggle and create peace and harmony between them

✅ Self-evaluation and an ability to identify the personal ability at every step along the life path - develop honesty that enables you to evaluate yourselves in an impartial manner, which does not depend on results or external achievements, but is a clear self-examination, simple and without judgment

✅ Cultivate a sense of capability that has determination and develop an ability to enlist your strength for self-fulfillment - recognize your inner treasure box, become familiar with your distilled will and listen to it, cultivate your inner achievements and create a list of mental-emotional qualities and skills you have created which are a supporting force for the realization of an enhanced and expanded self

✅ An ability to remain within your inner world through independent self-containment and nourishment - when you feel an addictive need to draw external nourishment (emotional nourishment, looking for feedback and approval, pleasing others, comparability, an attempt to meet the expectations of others, and more), practice turning inwards, into your psyche and look there for the answers, nourishment, approval, and feedback. Enhance the support and nourishment that emanate from within and allow it to be until this becomes your second nature.

Remember that the answers to questions lie within and from there you will be able to move forward towards fulfillment and realization.


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