All Answers Lie Within - Nurturing Self-Worth: part 3

Louharya | 15.01.2020

 A New Approach

In order to develop self-worth and wean oneself from the habit of looking for it outside of the self, a different approach is needed.

This is a process that requires commitment and perseverance, through which you gradually establish a sense of self-worth by touching upon the different mental and emotional components active within you.

The establishment of self-worth will lead you on a journey as you explore and familiarize yourself with the different mental-emotional components that compose who you are, as well as to change the approach towards them and to create alternatives to support self-worth.

It’s really important to me that you recognize that you can do this!

It’s all a matter of developing an emotional-mental skill that grows in strength as you:

✅ Agree to get in touch with your thoughts and emotions
✅ Learn to listen to what they are telling you
✅ Learn to identify and decipher the internal active forces within you

Define what it is you desire and want, and use this as a compass to lead the way as you gain skill and become fluent in this process.


A different approach stems from an awakening and understanding that in order to become a person that believes in their self, trusts their self, knows to evaluate their self objectively and is in touch with their self in a simple and calm manner - you need to be able to identify what prevents you from creating this state of being, to change your attitude towards these aspects and consciously replace them with aspects that support you.

When changing approaches you need to make a few agreements with yourself:

✅ Agree to change your perception of the world - which perceptions do I have that harm my sense of self-worth?

✅ Agree to change templates, habits, and addictions that cause you to look for answers and nourishment outside of yourself - what habits do I have that are based on lack, weakness, worthlessness, fear of failure, a desire to receive feedback, and a need for external nourishment and validation, and so on?

Each time you notice such habits, stop for a moment and turn inwards to contain the energy or ask these questions. Later on, practice approaching others from a place of independence and strength. Be open and curious to receive an additional perspective and inspiration.

✅ Agree to begin to nurture your inner realm, the whole of who you are, the emotions, body, and thoughts, so that you can feel unconditional self-worth - How can I give myself positive feedback? How can I nurture my psyche, awareness, inner self? My body?
✅ Make a personal commitment with yourself to maintain an empowering and supportive dialogue - commit to communicate with the self with honesty in a manner that is direct, open, honest, and holds an unbiased self-evaluation that enables you to maintain an aware and intelligent inner dialogue.

Commit to give yourself positive feedback, to notice achievements, to identify all the abundance that already exists, and be grateful for it. Enhance whatever creates an inner sense of mental and emotional clarity that supports the self.

???? I recommend that you go on a date with yourself… a date where you talk to yourself out loud.

When thoughts and emotions are expressed verbally, it is much easier to identify how you feel about yourself and enhance the sense of intimacy, honesty, empathy, self-acceptance, and love.
✅ Agree to adopt an axiom that you are committed not to undermine: “All answers lie within, and from there we are able to go forward”. By adopting this axiom as a starting point and premise from which you engage in life, you will neutralize much of the noise coming from the ego, calm inner conflicts, enhance your uniqueness, and allow yourself to focus your desire and energy, on establishing your self-worth and developing the skill needed to support this process.

✅ Agree to change - often there is a desire to create change, yet in actuality, the individual is not ready to give up their habits and addictions that feed the ego and the different role-playing it creates.

Therefore, in order to establish the process I’ve described, you need honesty and courage to agree to change, to convert your present self-identity into a new one that shall be defined as you continue through this process, and shall reveal to you a much broader and expansive aspect of who you are.

Aspects that hold simple and pure self-worth, strength alongside humbleness, creativity, curiosity, and a tremendous amount of peace and wellbeing.


All this is seeded within you.

It’s all there.

Your inner self is like a treasure box.

All you need to do is go within and approach that treasure box, learn how to open it and discover all the treasures held within. Give yourself permission to experiment with all the abundance and possibilities it holds, which will help you to adopt a new approach, new skills, and a new perception of the self.

The recognition that “All answers lie within” leads to an honest willingness to recognize that the external world does not determine who you are, but rather, the external reality reflects your inner world, for better or for worse.

In the next chapter - cultivating mental and emotional attributes that enhance self-worth.

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