All Answers Lie Within - Nurturing Self-Worth: part 2

Louharya | 12.01.2020

Self-worth Has Been Impaired Throughout Life

The society we live in often encourages accomplishments based on herd mentality and comparison that categorizes success or failure, important or unimportant, and so on. Thus, many people’s sense of self-worth is undermined already at a young age due to external pressure, subordination, and failed attempts to adapt to a system, templates, norms, and expectations placed upon them by family, their environment, and society.

This is a process that distances the individual from their unique self while conditioning them to seek out external feedback to provide a sense of recognition, self-worth, self-love, self-estimation, and self-acceptance. This need for external validation creates a temporary sense of wellbeing, happiness, orientation, belonging, or worth.

This sense of wellbeing is illusionary and is quickly replaced by a need to continually receive additional external validation.

This creates a vicious cycle of a need for validation and feedback due to a bottomless pit existing within the individual’s psyche and inner world, a sinkhole that was created through the course of life and awakens a continual experience of lack.

The experience of lack and “continual hunger” leads to a continuous need for external validation.

When this occurs, the individual seeks his orientation and self-definition in his external world, often leading to confusion and further distancing the individual from their true self.

Through an harmonious process of transformation, the individual is able to release past conditionings as they gradually begin to fill the “hole” existing within the psyche, thus diminishing the sensation of lack by replacing old habits and addictions that lead to a need of external validation, with new habits that create a state of internal validation.

This is a gradual process of completion and familiarization with the authentic self, creating a harmonious and safe inner haven that can be returned to at any moment.

This is a realm of relaxed self-identity that holds peace and an unconditional sense of worth.

This inner realm grants clarity, orientation, and direction as a result of:

✅ Worthiness - being connected to the authentic self with ease: I am that I am, unique and special
✅ Self-worth - based upon a sense of capability and strength
✅ Self-evaluation - based upon clear and non-judgemental self-assessment

A new approach is necessary in order to create self-worth and wean oneself from the habit of seeking external validation.

Yours with love,❣️

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