All Answers Lie Within - Nurturing Self-Worth: Part 1

Louharya | 11.01.2020

Mental and Emotional Qualities that Bestow Self-Worth

One of the subjects many feels is an issue for them, whether large or small, is the subject of self-worth.

In essence, self-worth is composed of a combination of internal qualities and aspects that hold:
✅ Recognition of personal uniqueness
✅ Acceptance of this uniqueness
✅ Self-love and inner peace
✅ Self-evaluation - an ability to identify one’s abilities, at every turn
✅ A sense of capability that holds determination and ability to enlist inner strength and actualize self-fulfillment
✅ An ability to inhabit a personal inner space, to contain oneself and nurture the self unconditionally

All of these qualities stem from an ability to turn inwards and make use of inner resources that help the individual develop and move forward, to experiment, evolve, succeed, fail, love, and enjoy - without holding on to conclusions that are based on pettiness or a sense of failure, without making comparisons or trying to please others, but rather learning to embrace an educated choice that sees life as a realm of possibilities where the individual is free to experiment, learn, and express the unique self.

This approach leads to a state where different and diverse life adventures do not negatively influence one’s perception of self-worth. In this state of being, self-worth remains an unconditional inner realm: I am that I am. I don’t need to prove anything. I move forward upon my path while remaining in touch with my desires, being curious and continually evolving.

This approach and the emotional qualities described above give birth to an internal sense of self-worth that has nothing to do with the external reality. This sense of self-worth is not connected to a perception of success or failure that compares the self with others or holds an attachment to accepted norms, expectations, and so on.

The coming posts -
???? Part 2 - How self-worth has been impaired, or: The gaping hole within the psyche
???? Part 3 - A new approach - From the outside in
???? Part 4 - Recommendations and tools for nurturing emotional qualities that enhance self-worth

And in the meantime…

Remember that the answers to the questions lie within, and from this place, we can move forward towards fulfillment and realization.

Yours with love ❣️

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