About Free Choice - Part 3

Louharya | 07.12.2020

About Free Choice

Belonging, Worthiness, and Mind Control

Third part


Hello dear friends,

I am happy to bring the third and last part of the series of articles discussing free choice and its connection to the aspiration to belong, to be worthy, and the subject of mind control.

In the previous chapters, I explained how free choice is misused in order to manipulate the public and distance it from its power, and I brought forward information regarding the next evolutionary step humanity is required to take to free itself from external control and embrace the freedom that lies in Aware Free Choice.

I also wrote about human diversity and free choice as factors intended to enable development that occurs simultaneously within a variety of channels, and about the cynical misuse of free choice, the individual experience, and the desire to belong in order to control humankind.

In this part, I explain how we may use the human aspiration to belong, feel worthy, accepted, and loved - and free choice - as tools that support and enhance the individual and the whole, and contribute towards a future where we will thrive as individuals and as a society.

How can you contribute to the process of consciousness and awareness awakening?

What is the new leadership?

About all this and more in the last chapters of this series.

I hope this article will be awakening, empowering, and help you advance.

Sixth chapter - How do we cope?

How can we use human aspiration to belong, feel worthy, accepted, loved, and free choice as a tool that supports and empowers the individual and the whole?

How can we overcome the different forces operating among us, which are misusing free choice and the human aspiration to belong, be accepted, and loved?

This process begins with the exposure of as many people as possible to the recognition that the different common divisions in planet Earth which separate us from each other, are illusionary disguises, and that in actuality we are all part of universal unity. We all come from the same source.

The very willingness to embrace the awareness that all of us come from the same source will assist in releasing the perceptual rigid state of mind that determines how individuals define themselves and their experience of self-identity.

The change in perception and the breach of the rigid existing state of mind are key in changing daily choices and how the individual conducts their life and their relationship with themselves, the environment, and with the different systems of influence and bias I have described.

I do not fool myself. Most human beings' perception of self is tightly bound today with religious, national, or geographic affiliation, with political ideology, identification with social media influencers, and the bias created by commercial communication channels.

Many of the political, economic, and religious establishments are not interested in untying the tight connection between themselves and the self-identity of those attached to them with thick bonds of identification. This gives them power, money, hegemony, and control, which they wish to maintain and enhance.

Many of the leaders of these establishments are deeply identified with the agenda they represent and the narrative they present to the public. 

Therefore, if the public will not become conscious, awaken, and will not develop awareness and independent thinking, it will continue to follow the illusion of self-identity provided by self-interest parties and will continue to cooperate with factors that create manipulation and bias, without being aware of it.

Most of humanity is not interested in challenging their personal definition and agenda, which they have become accustomed to and identified with. They prefer to justify the narrative they believe, which defines them and gives them a sense of worth, belonging, and confidence, rather than go through the painful process of waking up from the illusion of the self and realize that they have been deceived.

We continually see around us people struggling to hold on to the identity they were taught to believe in, and the paradigms they grew up with. This creates provocation,  violence, unjustified hatred, wars, and harm, and increases the struggle over resources and the rifts within the human social fabric.

Rescuing humankind from its present trap of free choice requires patient mentoring to awaken from the illusion of separation, and enable a return to the original intent latent in human diversity with all its expressions.

This type of mentoring will occur once a new leadership will rise. Leadership that is free of personal and biased considerations, and is connected to universal unity rather than identified with local, national, or religious affiliation, while holding a global consciousness that sees the benefits of the entire human community.

This will require the different factions in humanity to dissolve many of the paradigms existing today, learn to accept all parts of humanity and all its facets, allowing each one the freedom to express and fulfill themselves and realize that conflicts of interests are an illusion. Humanity must begin to create cooperation based on an experience of belonging to a universal community that is connected to a new meaning of what it is to be a human being.

Seventh chapter - We are the generators of change, or - pass it on…

Those of you who are reading these words and want to contribute to the process of conscious awakening, I call you to pass on the realization that we all belong. We are all worthy. We are all deserving of love and respect. We all come from the same source.

The new leadership lies within each one of you who are ready to pass this on, and are ready to assist in building the bridge between the reality of a world that is divided and conflicted, and a reality where the world operates as a multi-faceted, diverse, and unified global community.

Once you pass this on, you are partners in the process of evolution which is necessary for the continuation of humanity.

This is a process that begins with a perceptual and consciousness transformation and continues with a change in daily habits and lifestyle.

This is an evolutionary process that transforms the identity of self, from an identity based on religion, nationality, race, gender, political affiliation, or following social influencers and the images they produce, into a universal identity that uses these various divisions and different images according to their original intent - a variety of tools used to create an individual experience of a human being who is connected to their cosmic roots, and are aware that mankind is a diverse universal community with many representations, and that all its members are meant to enrich and develop one another through mutual respect, dialog, cooperation, personal and mutual responsibility – by using aware, and conscious free choice.

The color of the skin, religion, gender, nationality, language, geographical location, or different images - will become what they were intended to be - a tool that enables diversity and represents a portion in this broad spectrum of human experience.

The profound aspiration to belong, be accepted, and loved, human beings will fulfill by a simple connection to their very essence - a divine cosmic being, having a physical experience while upholding mutual responsibility, development, and enrichment here on the face of the Earth.