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Alon Gorfil
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When I ask people what they truly wish for in their lives, I realize that many times behind their answer lies a wish to be free.

We all want to be free.

Free from worry, fear and patterns that take over; free of self-doubt and self-judgment, free of the need to appear perfect in the eyes of others; free from relationship complexities, free from the fear of losing control

You know what I'm talking about, right?


Often these patterns are so embedded in our system that they remain vague and elusive, yet their impact may prevent us from fulfilling our life dreams.

But why aren’t we free in the first place?

And how can we change it?


The sense of freedom can occur only when we feel secure and confident enough. Otherwise we are influenced by our defence mechanisms and patterns, which can limit our potential and hold us back again and again from living fully.
When we are truly confident we feel a sense of freedom and our path is clear and harmonious.


How can we gain this kind of confidence?

"The Freedom To Be" workshop is a six week process designed to establish and enhance the sense of authentic confidence in our lives.

This particular confidence results from an inner anchor and fortitude. It is not governed by external conditionings and influences

It is a powerful, effective, liberating and life-changing process.

During this workshop, each participant will choose a personal topic in which he or she will want to gain confidence.

It can be any topic, big or small - Making change in one’s career, feeling comfortable with one’s body, overcoming a creative block, social discomfort, overcoming self-judgment, trusting others etc.

Step by step we will identify and learn to understand different aspects of the topic, create clarity new perspective and change.

And when confidence is established in one aspect of our life - it will create ripples and influence other parts as well.



🔸 6 online Live Zoom meetings of 3 hours each (Intermission included)

🔸 Digital workbook journal to accompany and guide you in your process throughout the 6 weeks and after

🔸 A one on one pre-workshop phone call

🔸 One on one in-between calls to accompany you in your process



September 9nd 2020 - Wednesdays from 20:00-23:00 Jerusalem time

➖09/09 – ​1st Meeting: From external anchors to internal anchors

➖16/09 – 2nd Meeting: Changing thought patterns as a tool that creates confidence and a sense of security

➖23/09 – 3rd Meeting- Establishing emotional confidence

➖30/09 – 4th Meeting: From vulnerability and survival mentality to existential confidence

➖07/10 –5 th Meeting: Self-worth as an internal anchor that establishes self-confidence

➖14/10 – 6th Meeting: Facing forward - nurturing inner accomplishment



My name is Alon Gorfil, I'm 36 years old, married and father of two beautiful sons

A healer and therapist, educator, craftsman and artist.

I am a teacher in the Cosmic University, and have been a student in the Cosmic University for the past 7 years.


The 'Freedom to Be' workshop is currently taught by various instructors around the world under the auspices of The Cosmic University.



Special Price during Corona: 250 € / 270 $ (regular cost- 300€ / 320$)

Space is limited up to 10 participants!

To reserve your spot, please fill in the following form:


The registration will be complete after a pre- workshop talk with me, filling in the registration form and completing payment.


It is possible to spread out the payments - you may discuss the details and arrangements with me.

The cost of the workshop is not refundable.

The workshop will be taught in English.


FOR MORE DETAILS - Please get in touch:

📧 Alon +972 528445234 (WhatsApp and phone)

📧 Email:

📧 Facebook: Alon Gorfil

With anticipation and good will,