A Working Model- Essence - Meaning - Commitment - Significance

Essence - meaning - commitment - Significance


Basic principles for a conscious free choice



The process of transformation and ascension beyond the limitations of the psyche towards new and refined wave ranges, is rooted in a vision that is a lighthouse illuminating the path.
The vision provides essence and meaning and allows us to release identification with the personal self in favor of an impersonal self,  that sees in front of him the broad and comprehensive picture.
As the transformational process establishes itself, the vision is backed up by a distilled Active Will and an emotional system that  supports the vision in a harmonious manner. The intellect and reason do not define the method of fulfillment and do not express set of  patterns of operation, but express an implementation process that is devoted to fulfilling the essence and meaning in our daily lives.
This is a process that shifts the weight within ourselves from an unaware or biased free choice, to conscious free choice that mentors the psyche to operate within new ranges of expression and new priorities.
In this process of transition to new wave ranges, commitment is a key value.
In the processes of realization and implementation, it is important to apply continuity of choice and the preference of what I am committed to, over habits and conditionings. This is a conscious shift that leads us to crossing a critical mass, and positioning ourselves on a new step.
Significance, will create a clear prioritization that will minimize the ego’s ability to maneuver, preventing stagnation, indecision or duality.
When there is a clear internal consensus of our commitment, we can move with ease and simplicity, conductivity, joy a continued regeneration and exhilaration.
It is recommended to write down our commitment and stay true to our word, this method provides a solution for the ego, while helping us to make accurate free choice, so that it becomes a free and aware choice.

Essence - meaning - commitment - Significance - A Working model (with examples)