Spirit and Science – The Consciousness of the Unified Field

Spirit and Science –
The Consciousness of the Unified Field



We are all parts of a rich, diverse and infinite cosmic mosaic, an expansive picture, composed of many pixels.


This picture is of eternal and enlightened cosmic intelligence, which is developing through many channels simultaneously.


Each and every human being is part of this field of inspiration, directly and actively connected to it. This field is interwoven throughout all of existence, stretching across cosmic plains, worlds and dimensions.


This field is infinite, pulsating from inside itself and towards itself, creating eternal cycles of development.


This field operates with clear and significant values, which constitutes the foundation for an expansive system and allow it to operate in harmony with all of its parts – thus all is intertwined.


This intelligence is also seeded within all life forms on Earth as an active code.


This intelligence can be called: the "comprehensive cosmic consciousness field", the “Unified Field", or "Divinity", as well as other names that represent the comprehensive whole.


If you ask me how do I know it and determine it? Do I have proof? My answer would be that the knowing exists within me in a pure and significant manner, because I experience the "self" and the "comprehensive whole" I have described, and maintain an active connection with this whole, experiencing myself as an inseparable part of this whole.


Many people maintain such a connection within them, and can go beyond the perceptual limitations of the human rationality, reaching a state of being that holds the answer to many questions of existence.


This state of being makes it possible to mediate and simplify the cosmic wisdom and notions in terms of human rationality, making it accessible.




In 1981 the distinguished professor Stephen Hawking, who passed away last week, participated in a conference at the Vatican, and used this stage as an opportunity to make a statement that announced his "No-Boundary proposal", which describes a universe that has no beginning (nor end) in time, and therefore has no need for a creator.


Hawking was a wonderful emissary who greatly contributed to human evolution and the ability to observe the broad cosmic comprehensive whole to which humanity belongs.


Hawking's statement that an infinite universe has no need for a creator, is based on theoretical contemplation, expansive knowledge, a brilliant mind, and ability to decipher complex equations and use them to express cosmic principles, as well as on his personal subjective perspective that created a specific window through which he observed the world.


At different opportunities, Hawking stated that he believed that "the universe is governed by the laws of physics. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene and break the laws." In his book "The Grand Design", written in 2010, Hawking stated that there is no necessary to have a Creator in order to explain the existence of the universe.


By stating this, Hawking brought his partial worldview, which was based on assumptions linked to the limited corporeal world in which he lived and perceived as an absolute dimension, and thus projected this perception upon the comprehensive whole.


In 2014 Hawking stated that there is no God and "In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind."


This statement confined the “comprehensive cosmic consciousness field”, the “Unified Field”, the “intelligence found within all things”, and “Divinity”- into a limited and partial dimension that glorified the limited human rationality, which is trapped in this dimension, and is identified and attached to it, as well as defining his self-identity through it.




Many human beings who search for a connection with this intelligence field, turn outwards towards a sublime divinity that is separate and distant, seeking doctrines and scientific studies, religions that dictate sets of rules for interfacing and connecting, philosophical contemplations, different practices and more...


Others belittle this connection, expressing cynicism and doubt, seeking empirical proof based on observations and experiments that are perceived through the human senses.


And there are those who are submerged in the corporeal life, and these subjects do not interest them.



As mentioned, the “comprehensive cosmic consciousness field”, the “Unified Field, and “Divinity” stretches across the entire cosmos, interfacing also with the corporeal realm in which we reside.


Thus, human perception, which is used to focusing upon the physical and apparent, and perceives only a small part of this immense comprehensive whole, tends to decipher this small part using tools connected to the corporeal realm.


How can observations from within a limited realm of the third dimension, based on a system of context that is limited to a spectrum of measurement using corporeal senses, which are trained to perceive that which is known and familiar - can perceive the meaning of a consciousness field that exists in multiple parallel dimensions of existence and represents a broad and unknown regularity?


This may be likened to a huge and colorful creature, composed of a comprehensive complex of cells. This creature spans across all of existence and dips its feet in a puddle that contains portions of this creature.


The parts of the creature found in the puddle are part of the comprehensive whole it is composed of. These parts swim in the puddle and are not aware they are a branch of this creature - an inseparable part. The puddle is their entire world.


When these parts bump into a finger or leg of the creature, which is splashing about in the water, they define what they see using the partial image which they can accept and perceive, using the familiar regularity of the puddle.


If these creatures in the puddle were to turn inwards, they would discover the entire complexity of that creature, seeded within them as an active code, a significant and profound inner knowing that allows for a connection with that enormous multiple-cells creature, and the recognition that they are an inseparable part of that whole - branches that give the comprehensive expansive creature a perspective of the puddle and all of the abundance seeded in it, as a micro cosmos of the cosmos.


Science - studies the puddle and the regularity existing within it, trying to project this regularity on the portions of the universe they can observe from within the puddle. This is an extremely important task, because it maps-out the puddle and broadens the access to areas beyond it.


Spirit - allows those found within the puddle to develop an active connection between the self, as a cell existing within a creature with multiple cells, with the comprehensive whole - thus becoming exposed to the regularity of the comprehensive whole, to the knowledge, consciousness and comprehension that creates a perspective of the life within the puddle, while holding a direct connection with all that exists beyond the puddle.

The harmonic combination between the two - is the key to moving beyond the puddle, and for creation of a harmonic interface with the comprehensive whole - the “cosmic consciousness field”, the “intelligence found within all things”, the “divinity”.




The answers to all of these questions lie within us.

The tremendous amount of knowledge humanity has accumulated, through years of contemplation, philosophy, and research - is added to these answers.

This is a fertile soil for an independent development.

We need only learn and listen, gently, with awareness and curiosity, openness and flexibility.

The willingness to gradually discover the point of interface that is seeded within each and every one as a connecting point with the comprehensive picture, opens the door to direct communications with the “comprehensive cosmic consciousness field”, the “Unified Field”, “Divinity”, and allows for a clear perspective of life on Earth, guidance and inspiration.

This perspective stems from direct communications as this - is the key to the human ability to operate in connection with a common truth, and express a human society where the different and diverse operate in unity, maintaining mutual enrichment, peace and friendship, connected to continual inspiration that emanates both from scientific research and development, and from a direct connection to the comprehensive plan.

That which we can conceive in our minds - is that which we can manifest.

What we create - shall become.


This picture is by Teo Zirinis

His facebook page is Hands Off My Dinosaur