Shifting the human perception between the macro and the micro

Shifting the human perception between
the macro and the micro
as a key for collective
and personal growth




מיקרו ומקרו - פאזל קוסמי


One of the most important qualities in personal growth, and of growth in consciousness and values, is the ability to be flexible in shifting between the macro and the micro.

Such ability allows for a clear perspective that sees the comprehensive picture as well as the details. Such a perspective presents a gateway to an Enlightened Heart and acceleration of consciousness.

The ability to move from the macro to the micro stems from a flexible world view, and an open and aware heart that allows one to observe the picture in its entirety, holding a broad context, while paying attention to the details.

The ability to acquire perceptual and emotional skills that allows for a dynamic movement between the macro to the micro exposes the individual to the close connection that exists between all expressions of life and the recognition that all is intertwined.

We are all part of a single picture that is rich and dynamic.

Each and every one of us is a pixel within that picture.

Each pixel holds access to the entire picture.

All answers lie within.

These answers lay within each and every one of us, as an aware inner memory that recognizes that we are part of an expansive and ancient cosmic picture.

This is an inner memory of the essence of the human experience, here on Earth. This memory allows for communication with the broader picture, as well as with the many “pixels” that compose this picture.

When the human being maintains communications with his inner self, and recognizes that he is a pixel within an expansive picture, and gains access to the realization that this enormous picture lays within the self – his awareness awakens to the broader meaning of existence, alongside a sense of love and commitment towards each and every part of this enormous and dynamic puzzle.


Try to imagine an astronaut that has spent his entire life on planet Earth.

Throughout his life this astronaut has acquired an education and professional skills, raised a family, acquired friends and hobbies, vacationed and traveled the world - formulating a personal world view.

Imagine that this astronaut has received a position as a member of a team that is sent to an international space station positioned on a satellite that orbits the Earth at a low altitude, approximately 400 kilometers high.

When this astronaut arrives at the space station, he has a powerful experience, in which he views the Earth from afar. This is a new point of observation that he has not been previously exposed to.

This perception exposes the beauty of the planet, of it being a part of a cosmic whole that is expansive and so much greater than he knew - a bead on a necklace of infinite cosmic beads.

This astronaut has been exposed to the macro, which creates an awakening, changing his perception, belief systems and emotional world.

The astronaut knows about human life experience on planet Earth. He is familiar with the micro, existing within him as a personal human experience that allows him to translate all that he sees from the higher perspective of the space station, to all of the details that compose the world he is observing.

This experience awakens within him empathy for each and every individual and life form that exist on the face of the earth, creating commitment and responsibility towards them.

This is a comprehensive responsibility that stems from an ability to see the macro, as well as a personal responsibility that stems from the connection to the micro.

His experience within the space station, as an observer looking down towards Earth, leads the astronaut to a state of consciousness that is clear and bright, holding an aware, excited, open and exposed heart that is in awe, embracing the opportunity that has opened for him a new perspective and recognition that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, while each and every part is significant and extremely valuable - a whole wide world that is unique and special.



Now try to imagine an extraterrestrial being that has never visited Earth and is not familiar with life here on the planet.

As this being observes planet Earth from the outside, it can see the comprehensive whole picture with clarity - but can this being focus on the details that compose the entire picture in a full and complete manner?

This extraterrestrial being may seek to interfere or influence Earth in an arbitrary manner that is disconnected from the ability to see the rich and diverse life that exists on Earth - life composed of a tremendous amount of beings that are human as well as beings such as animals and nature, coming together to create a comprehensive picture.

To this extraterrestrial being - human beings will look like a swarm of ants...

The higher perspective of the extraterrestrial being can lead to apathy, indifference, and an inability to see the consequences of the his actions, as well as to a state of disconnection that lacks an Enlightened Heart.


Let’s look at this together from a different angle - as a human being that observes an ant colony.

From the perspective of the ant, human beings appear as extraterrestrial beings that observes their world from the outside.

The human being is unfamiliar with the rich and diverse ant world that operates as a developed social network, holding a division of labor, communications between the individuals, and ability to learn and teach. These ants hold mutual commitments and are connected to a common truth, and hold an ability to create transformation and solve complex problems.

The human that observes the ant colony from the macro perspective, can view this colony with indifference and treat the ant colony with disrespect. This may cause the human to harm
the ants in an arbitrary manner that is detached from the micro perspective.

In this arbitrary state, the human being will run over the ant colony, stepping on them, squashing and killing many ants, inflicting a holocaust on the society of ants he was observing.

This macro perspective can cause the human being to interfere and hurt the ants, due to a perspective that is distant and lacks monitoring or safeguards. The human can step on the ants, squashing them without guilt or pain, destroying the colony without thinking of the consequences this has on the ant colony or the individuals within that world.

For the ants, existing within their dimension, their colony is a rich and expansive world. Each ant has importance, a meaning and position within the comprehensive collective of ant-beings that operate according to distillate cosmic values imprinted within them, by their very existence and belonging to a broader picture
of existence.



In order to be able to shift between the macro and the micro, we need to recognize that all of the existence is fractal.

We can understand this when we observe the golden sand on a beach.

We can look at the sand from the perspective of a bird’s view - and see a smooth and beautiful carpet. We can also walk on this beach and feel the soft sand under our feet, hear the crash of the waves and sense the caressing wind that has a pleasant and salty taste.

We can bow our heads, and notice the life that exists amongst the grains of sand.

We can also set out on a journey and observe these grains of sand as an accumulation of marvelous and infinite colorful grains that are different and diverse - something we have not been previously aware of.

As we continue to turn inwards, moving towards the micro, we become aware of a world of particles, and discover the forces that compose the universe, the atoms and the particles they
are composed of - electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks and more.

This exposure of the micro leads to an understanding of the comprehensive whole. This is because the cosmos operates in the same manner as the elementary forces that compose matter – as above, so below. Thus, each time we move between the macro and the micro, we are exposed to additional parts, revealing the secrets of existence.



As I mentioned in the beginning, one of the most important qualities of personal growth and of growth in consciousness and values, is the ability to be flexible in shifting between the macro and the micro.

Throughout the process of transformation and personal growth, one learns to release the tendency towards identification with the external reality, as well as to letting go of  emotional distortion and confusion. This leads to the ability to adopt a higher perspective and observe life from a broad and impersonal view.

Often a higher perspective can create disconnection, apathy, and intolerance that is lacking an Enlightened Heart. In order to express the Enlightened Heart we need to be able to shift between the macro and the micro, moving freely between a comprehensive and expansive view to an ability to see the smaller details.

The personal process of development will not be complete unless the individual develops an inner realm that is able to observe the whole as well as the smaller details, moving from a broad perspective that is comprehensive and impersonal, to a close-up viewpoint that pays attention, empathy and importance to the individual.

The process of transformation is one of personal empowerment that strongly enhances abilities, presence and personal strength.

The Enlightened Heart acts as a safeguard for personal strength, providing an inner bridge between the human being that represents the micro, and the soul that represents the macro.

Moving across the bridge between the macro and micro, one can identify the world of cause and effect, investigating each and every choice, identifying its results and implications, thereby moving forward on his life path in a manner that is wise, responsible and with Enlightened Heart.

The Enlightened Heart is a bridge composed of a wise overview that is unidentified with the visible reality, holding values and enlightened awareness that sees each and every being as a part of the unity and of the comprehensive whole, for which the individual maintains commitment and responsibility, while developing an emotional system that holds empathy, love, sensitivity, awareness, generosity, as well as an open and exposed heart.

The ability to shift between the macro to the micro and to adapt a harmonic perception that sees the self and the whole, is conditional upon the ability to move internally between the macro and the micro, using an enlightened higher perspective that holds emotional awareness, recognizing that Earth and all it contains, is part of a comprehensive and expansive picture, where the individual is an integral part of the whole, influenced by it and influencing it.

That which we create, shall become.