Sacred within Mundane

 - Sacred within Mundane
Sublimity within Corporeality
The Simplicity in Divinity



Throughout human history, humans have looked up to the heavens, searching for essence and meaning, in an attempt to achieve the sublime and hidden, through human understanding.

The desire to rise above the limitations of matter, body and mind, and to communicate with higher dimensions and with divinity wherever it is, has led to contemplation, philosophy, development of various doctrines, rituals, mentoring and transformation, and has inspired creators and artists from all fields.

Many times, the mentoring to transcend the limitations was accompanied by turning towards spaces which are disconnected from material life, in order to create, through a quiet outer space that is undisturbed and detached, an internal connection that enables an experience of enlightenment.

In this way, human life has been categorized as “mundane”, which is separate from the "sacred" that existed in dedicated realms whose interface with the physical dimension was restricted and limited.


The ascension process - A full and complete developmental movement of all of the aspects of human expression

One of the foundations for the existence of a harmonious and balanced process of ascension is the recognition that ascension means a movement of the human being, with all of its expressions, from one limited range of frequencies to another frequency range which is higher and more refined. This range exists beyond the glass ceiling, revealing a new reality. This is first and foremost an inner reality, which radiates from the person’s inner reality to the external one.

This process requires the integration of all aspects of the human being, so that no part will be “left behind”. Instead, all parts of the self will move, as one, to a new level.

This requires readiness to know all expressions of the self, to nourish and develop each and every one of them, to become familiar with the various forces of the psyche and to lay a complete and full bridge that transcends the entire sequence of being: from a theoretical and consciousness level, through spirit, awareness and perceptions, down to the mind and body.

There are those who perceive the process of ascension on a consciousness and mind level, but fail to apply it to the human self – to the thoughts, emotions, body and psyche. This leads to a disconnection between the understanding to the implementation and realization, and the process of transformation remains as an unrealized potential.


Changing the core of self and the human expressions - A movement between frequency ranges

In the process of transformation, a change is made in the core essence of the self. It is a process of refining the personality data that makes up the human self, reaching a distilled core that constitutes the essence of the individual being, which is free of images and eternal.

In this state, the core of being, the core of one's entity, undergoes a change and begins to contain a new range of frequencies. This opens a window to a new spectrum of human experience, which has not been accessible so far.

When the distilled inner core - the primal self, undergoes transformation, it radiates this change over all the parts that are linked to the self and constitute the person's being. In this way, the individual undergoes a mental and emotional change, personality change and even a physical body change, as well as a change of the interactions with the surrounding reality, allowing for new expressions.

This is a state in which consciousness expands and changes; the mind is released from the chains of norms and perceptions that characterized the previous step, and is exposed to new understandings and ideas. The emotional world releases negative and disharmonic feelings, adapting to a new range of emotions. All these change the psyche, so that the personality characterizing the human and the various parts that constitute him undergo transformation, and the person undergoes a kind of "rebirth".

The body also undergoes a change in the vibration of the molecular biological matter, releasing energy that holds a disharmonic charge trapped within the cellular structure. Thus the molecular density becomes more spacious and able to contain more light - energetic nourishment that holds different vibrations than the the physical body was familiar with.

This process is a spiral process that does not have a glass ceiling. Meaning, each time, the individual is able to move to a new frequency plane, to adapt to it, and transform the entire human expression that corresponds to the new level.

I wrote about this in the package "Being Everything or Nothing" 


Shifting Focus

In order for the ascension process to be complete and continuous, it is necessary for a person to create a process in which he does not detach himself from the physical dimension, but rather learns to free himself from identification and dependence on the realm and move from a state of being influenced, dependent, identified, attached and addicted to, to a state of being the one influencing.

The process of ascension leads to a change in the reciprocal relations with six central points in human life, which are undergoing transformation and change:

Food, Nutrition and Nourishment; Family and Relationships; Sex, Sexuality and Birth; Gender and Definitions; Religion, Traditions and Spirituality; Capital, Finance and Funding.

This is a process of changing the perceptual premise, shifting the inner focus from the dependent, attached, identified and addictive human self to a distilled, autonomous, powerful and non-dependent self.

The lack of dependence does not mean detachment, but rather a conversion of the reciprocal relationship and the starting point from which a person emerges into his life.

The shift in focus leads to a change in priorities, which occurs naturally, because the various desires emanating from within change as the person evolves in consciousness, awareness, emotionally and mentally, and backs up this development in his life, thus laying a bridge between theory and fulfillment.

Thus, daily life changes, and the person finds himself changing his way of life and adapting ways of conduct that are harmonious with the self and correspond with the ascension that has been created.

As mentioned, this does not lead to detachment from the physical dimension, but rather brings new meanings and new ways of conduct that are sometimes incompatible with the accepted norms; and have standards and values ​​that correspond to the new level of consciousness the person reached, and the subtle and sublime dimensions of reality, to which he transcended and contains with the whole spectrum of his being.

Thus, the person is in a state of consciousness in which "sacred“ and "mundane" are not separate, and he is present as an anchoring point that bridges between the sublime and physical, and between spirit and matter out of freedom and simplicity.


Sacred within Mundane - Sublimity interfaces with corporeality

Often, when a connection to the physical world is perceived as something that lessens spirituality and damages it, a distorted interpretation of the process is created.

When a conscious process of transformation is created, it completely changes the person's perspective and way of thinking, refining the emotional body and purifying the biological body in a way that does not create avoidance, penance, abstinence or detachment from the physical, but rather a profound change in the interaction with the physical world, which stems from a profound change in human desires and needs.

In such a state, there is no sense of lack, missing out, avoidance or restraint of desires, but of well-being, joy and satisfaction that hold the joy of existence and harmony, establishing reciprocal relations with matter coming from independence, refinement, freedom, simplicity, love and appreciation of the diverse possibilities inherent within life on Earth.

This is a state of being in which spirit influences matter. A state of being in which the distilled self does not avoid contact with the material world, but rather influences it, enjoys it, and brings divine inspiration to it.

In this way, the bridge between heaven and Earth is opened, and sublimity interfaces with corporeality.


Sacred and Mundane - Everything is interwoven

The process of ascension and enlightenment is a process that exposes man to the unity inherent within all.

The human tendency is to separate, categorize, divide and define what is sublime, sacred, enlightened or spiritual, and what is mundane, human, practical, inferior or low.

This division, by its very nature, reflects a polarized and separate state of consciousness, which lacks the understanding that everything is interwoven, and that sacredness and sublimity can be present at every moment of the day and in every human movement and action.

Divinity lies in all. It is not separated nor expresses itself exclusively in sacred temples.

It does not have a fixed definition or a defined framework.

Sublimity surrounds us, present in corporeality, expressing harmony, grace, creativity, refinement and inspiration.

We need only to open the eyes of the heart and consciousness, to look attentively and lovingly at the rich and beautiful fabric called human life and agree to bring new meanings to them - fully inspired, free of agendas, innocent and pure, independent and full of love and will.

Yours with love ❤