Pink-colored lenses and changing the perceptual premise

Pink-colored lenses and changing the perceptual premise






The way we perceive the world stems from our perceptual premise.

The perceptual premise is an inner foundation that is based upon the personal state of consciousness and awareness.

This can be seen as a lens through which the human being observes the world. A sort of filter that filters the broad reality and limits it.

That which a person sees through the filter/lens (which is very specific) will begin to establish belief systems on how the world works and looks.

For example, if the lens is pink - the filter will only transmit that which is compatible with the pink color and thus the person will develop belief systems that the world is pink.

Therefore, the human being will develop thought and emotional patterns that correspond to a pink world, as well as character traits that are suitable to function within the pink world.

This creates habits and automatic actions that relate to conduct within a pink world.

Perception is the keyhole through which we observe upon the world... The reality that human beings perceive is personal and relative.

As we are ready to stretch and expand our perception, we remove filters that have created constriction and separation, enabling us to change the underlying premises and belief systems.

This opens before us new possibilities that were not yet visible.

That which we can perceive, will be accessible for us as a reality that can be fulfilled.