The meaning of the date 21.12

The meaning of the date 21.12


 Every moment is a window of opportunity.

However, the windows of opportunity that are spread throughout the days, months and years, are varied.

The way we record time, by counting seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years, creates a language of numbers that has meaning. 

This cyclic movement plays a role in setting the human life on Earth into motion, as well as in the human functioning.


The cosmos also has its own cycle, expressed in the movement of celestial bodies in set orbits, the birth and death of stars, the fusion of galaxies into new cosmic bodies, and more...

The cosmic cycle is broad and takes place in multiple dimensions. It is also expressed in our world, translated into linear movement, by cycles of time that holds defined characteristics. For example, the energy at the beginning of a month is different from the energy at the middle or the end of the month.

A Sunday is not the same as a Tuesday, and Friday is different from Monday... Each day has a different quality, a different energy, representing different coordinates on the physical daily map and on the map of cosmic movement. 

Throughout the day, the energy in the morning hours differs from the energy at noon, in the evening or at night. These are different forces that are expressed throughout different parts of the day and create a diverse experience for us.   

Try to imagine life in a reality where there is no time and where the surrounding environment is constant and does not change. 

This may result in a loss of orientation, decreased vitality of the body and mind, mental distress that can lead to depression and even a loss of sanity. Cyclicality creates a variety of movements that are vital to a harmonious existence of life. 


The local cyclicality is closely linked to the cosmic cycles, and is expressed here as celestial movements, as linear time sequence, cycles of day and night, seasons of the year, and all systems of life on Earth.

This is a triggering system that changes the "scenery" around us to ensure that life on Earth will maintain a constant movement of development.

Each year, month, day and hour represents different stages within the continuum of linear time, and each stage has its own quality and character that affects the atmosphere and the possibilities that are available.

Have you ever raised your head to the sky and seen the full moon glows at its fullest light? Is it not a different energy than on days when the moon gradually grows to its fullest, or gradually diminishes until it disappears?

Have you looked at the interaction between tidal cycles and the cosmic forces that are operating on Earth from the outside? Have you noticed that cosmic nourishment is changing and influencing gravity as well as the energetic flow that is expressed down to the physical level?

Have you noticed the angle of the sun, shedding its light in such various ways throughout the seasons? The lighting is different, the colors are different, the energy is different, the temperature is different and so is the radiation.   


What does the future hold for us 

As mankind evolves, external triggering powers will lose their influence and the relationship with time will change beyond recognition, allowing any atmosphere and desired quality to be present at any given moment, regardless of time, day, year or season.

The new interactions with time will allow us to exist in a state where time is not a limiting factor and will be experienced as a continuum in which one can play with or move in, without the limitations currently known to science and experienced by humanity in daily life.

In this state, time will be experienced as a network of coordinates that are interwoven into the realm, in which we can move freely without aging or experiencing a deterioration of the body that characterizes our current relationship with time, with dense matter, and with the forces operating within the corporeal realm.

Time will become another dimension that humanity shall learn to interact with and will join the three dimensions known to humanity (length, width and height); and will be intertwined in them in a way that allows a new access to time and the ability to juggle with it. The changing relationship with time and the ability to perceive it as a dimension, will gradually open the door to a consciousness that is aware of additional dimensions (fifth, sixth dimension, etc.) and the ability to maintain reciprocal relations with these dimensions.
Thus, in the future, humanity will be guided by the principle of "What we create shall become" and will be able to govern the operating forces and create the desired atmosphere and the desired reality, regardless of external influence and triggering systems.


If we return to the present time - the various dates express, through the language of the numbers, influencing forces that we can be in interaction with when we are aware of it.

What does the date 21.12 tell us

The number 1

1 - We are all part of the same one. The number 1 represents the connection of each and every human being to the cosmic unity that we came from.

The number 1 connects us to the comprehensive cosmic plan that we are all part of. This is a complete and unified picture that each and every one is a pixel of.

The exposure to the number 1 activates the power of initiation and awakening, which can lead to inner enlightenment that connects with the individual's purpose, which is a part of the comprehensive and broader picture. The number 1 expresses new beginnings, leadership and breakthrough.

The number 2

2 - We live in a world of duality that can be transcended.

The number 2 encourages us to create the transition from duality and separateness to inner Holism. Inner Holism is created by merging the masculine power with the feminine power that exists in each and every one and thus creating an ability to maintain peace, inner harmony and presence that stems of worthiness.

When transcendence over duality is created, as well as ending internal struggles and conflicts, one can begin to form collaborations with others, harnessing the power of togetherness to influence, change, and establish a reality of unity and brotherhood.

The date 21.12 opens a wide window of opportunity to realize personal and global processes, releasing duality, internal struggles and conflicts, in favor of the recognition that we are all from the same source, different and diverse members of the family of light.  

This is a gateway for setting new beginnings into motion; for the awakening of a new leadership and a breakthrough that plants the seeds of a new reality that we will create together, in unity, brotherhood and the recognition of our ability to change and influence.

This open window of opportunity is a cosmic alignment, creating a different experience of time, enabling to unite many different time zones on the linear time sequence, towards a single point at the present time in which we reside.

This is a point in time when a direct corridor opens, connecting Earth to the energy streaming towards it, intended to create an activating force for humanity, allowing the release of past residues, inviting us to dare to dream the future, and to experience the present in a new way.

These are days of change and hope.

That which we create, shall become.