Keys for Holographic Imaging

 Keys to Holographic Imaging 



Dear beloved friends,

We are happy to announce of a new course – "Keys for holographic imaging".

The course provides practical keys that originate from higher dimensions of reality, granting us the ability to transform the inner experience and consciousness, and thus, based on the Law of Attraction "like attracts like", draw and create the reality we desire.

The connection to the Keys for Holographic Imaging creates an inner space of a precise desired quality, thus allowing us to project the inner reality we created using the key upon the external reality.

The keys create powerful state of existence and experience that embed matrix peak points within our energetic and mental arrays. The interaction with those peak points enables the ability to enhance ourselves and create advanced transformation processes.

The Keys to Holographic Imaging are powerful tools for creating reality and changing the inner experience.

  • The keys are symbols (geometric shapes) that translate wide and complex interdimensional energetic systems in a simple, comprehensible visual manner
  • The symbols are embedded with a code that forms a connection to designated energy systems
  • Each symbol is imbued with futuristic energy originating from supreme and elevated planes of existence
  • The symbols combine frequencies of Alpha and Omega, expressed through the Louhar channel, and allow us to receive direct nourishment
  • The keys operate according to the cosmic principle of "To see that which exists, emanate from what is”, and rely upon the amplification of existing qualities, allowing us to enhance inner holographic imaging, connected to the personal database and qualities embedded in each and every one, on a hidden or visible level
  • Some of the keys enhance states of being and consciousness, and some of the keys form change in the reciprocal relations we maintain with the fabric of reality, helping us to familiarize ourselves with new principles of existence


The "Keys for Holographic Imaging" course will delve deeper into the world of the holographic illusion we live in, and the Law of Attraction - "like attracts like". From there we will acquaint ourselves with the holographic imaging keys, receive the energetic coding for using the keys, and work in groups to experiment with and assimilate what we received - all this in addition to many more activities.

The path of "Keys for Holographic Imaging" is intended for all students who are active in one of the groups of the “Program for Training Emissaries”


The path will take place at Hacienda Forestview hotel, between the dates January 28-31, 2018 (Sunday-Wednesday).

The cost for a single person in a double room is 3,450 NIS, and includes all 4 days and 3 nights. Full room & board is an integral part of the course.

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With much love and joy of development ❤

The Cosmic University