Internal bridge for new ignition forces

 Internal Bridge for New Ignition Forces




Does development involve suffering?

Understandings and recommendations for the release of
negative forces of initiation.

Often, mental qualities and manners of action that involve criticism, self-disqualification and dissatisfaction, stem from a limiting perception of the individual, who does not trust himself, and fears that without these qualities, there will be no progress and development - because these qualities are inner initiating forces to improve and develop. 

The doubt of one's ability to maintain development with perseverance and transcendence above obstacles and limitations, generates a mental mechanism that turns against the self, in order to ensure that there is movement and development.

This is a paradox that creates movement in an endless loop

Many human beings maintain constant dissatisfaction and self-criticism as initiating forces, which they are addicted to, certain that this is the way to overcome personal limitations, achieve success and Enhanced Fulfillment.

The use of such negative initiating forces creates an inner mental and emotional space that constantly holds negativity, focusing on inner gaps and lack. Thus, causing constant inner friction that may create , over time, a breach of the harmony in the body and psyche, discords, a lack of well-being and difficulty.  

Negative initiating forces is accompanied by negative thoughts, emotional reaction of disappointment, frustration, anger, victimism and misery, which create inner discord, lack of well-being and a feeling of effort.

This creates a distorted conclusion where the individual believes that development involves effort and suffering and has a mental and emotional "price".

In order to release these negative initiating forces, the basic recognition which is required is that development and an aspiration to expand one's own abilities, can also arise from the mental and emotional space of satisfaction, seeing all that is, exhilaration, and self-acceptance. These forces constitute an inner bases for building a bridge between one developmental step and another. 

It is necessary to trust the self and learn to evolve out of an inner space of satisfaction and seeing all that is…

Positive initiating forces based on the individual’s inner connection to purpose and vision, create a strong inner impulse that triggers the fire of the will and maintain

a persistent Wishful Heart to express essence and meaning.

When there is a connection to essence and meaning, one maintains responsibility towards the vision.

The responsibility towards the vision removes a need for mechanisms within the psyche that create discipline based on negativity and rigidity, and opens the door to a new kind of conduct that holds an Enlightened Heart towards the self.

This responsibility gives rise to a sincere willingness to observe the self with a clear and disillusioned eye, so that one may identify qualities within the psyche that require improvement and progress, alongside supporting and substantiating qualities. And thus, through clear identification and monitoring, one may create initiating that is based on self-love, satisfaction, exhilaration and well-being.

The process of development and transformation, requires an agreement to convert familiar methods and practices into new modes of conduct that correspond with the next stage of development to be established.

The agreement to release negative initiating forces in favor of learning, to create development through clear monitoring, identification and analysis, self-love, self-acceptance, seeing inner qualities that support change and transformation, and exhilaration towards the privilege to express one's personal vision, exposes new initiating forces, which are powerful forces that support an Enhanced Fulfillment.

When you recognize  that you are working with negative initiating forces, ask yourself the following 12 questions, designed to help you build an internal bridge towards new initiating forces:

  1. Do I trust myself?
  2. How does criticism, dissatisfaction, or self-disqualification serve me?
  3. How do I see my development without those negative initiating forces?
  4. What thoughts and feelings do I have when I express my willingness to release the negative initiating forces?
  5. Who will I be without criticism and dissatisfaction?
  6. How can I direct Enlightened Heart towards the self?
  7. What alternatives can I offer myself as new initiating forces?
  8. What is the difference between monitoring and criticism and between identifying and being identified?
  9. Do I focus on inner gaps or do I want to build a bridge inside of me?
  10. What is my vision that can constitute the basis for an inner bridge towards the new step in my life path?
  11. What inner qualities in the psyche already support this vision and constitute the basis for building the bridge?
  12. What commitment can I make towards myself, in order to enable initiation on positive base?

Answering these questions  will reveal your limiting perceptions and the feelings linked to them.

By doing this, you can release them and begin to experience a new approach that chooses development with responsibility, honesty, satisfaction and exhilaration.

Remember, that which we create - shall become. Create an inner reality that allows to develop in harmony, inner peace, satisfaction and well-being.