Holding onto the past - a creation of Time Loops

Holding onto the past 
A creation of Time Loops



Holding onto the past brings it into the present.

The release of the past opens a doorway for change and renewal

A major key in the transformation and personal development process is the willingness to let go of the past as something that defines the self.

Many times, the past, whether it is negative or positive, forms an anchor for self-definition that locks the individual within a past self that is no longer relevant and seeks to be dissolved.

 In moments where you identify that you are holding onto the past, ask yourselves simple questions of essence:

Who will I be without my past experiences?

Who will I be if I set aside past residues, thoughts and perceptions that come from my past experiences?

Another aspect of holding onto the past is the remorse on choices made.

Also remorse brings the past into the present.

How this is done? Through an unconscious manipulation of the fabric of time

How? Here’s is the explanation

The human being is a divine essence, embodied in a human experience.

All humans hold abilities they are not aware of

Such an ability is the ability to create a movement in time.

Humans know how to control and manipulate time – but, as already mentioned, they are not aware of this ability, and therefore often use it in a manner that disrupts their lives. This use emanates from thoughts and feelings that immediately influence the sequence of time.

Human remorse is an example of this.

While being in a state of remorse, the person creates an attachment to situations that existed, on a linear time sequence, in the past, thereby bringing them into the present. This creates a Time Loop that lead to movement in a closed cycle and an inability to manifest a future.

Resentment is also an emotion that magnetizes an event that occurred in the past, bringing it into the present moment and entering into a Time Loop.

How can we step out of a Time Loop?

The value: “Every moment is a moment of choice” is designed to allow the individual to step out of a Time Loop, through the recognition that at any given moment it is possible to release past residues and holding onto the past and be grateful for all the learning created.

Thus, one can then choose to implement all the wisdom and understanding gained and manifest a new plain of reality - free from past issues and moving into the future.

The ability to let go of the past emanates from a willingness to remain in the present moment.

This is an agreement to be “without a defined identity” that is fixatedly the past - its conclusions, experiences, moments of happiness, pain, memories or past residues.

A statement which allows the enhancement of this state of being:

I am not my past,

I am present in the moment, without a defined identity, free to become whomever and whatever I choose.


 You are not who you were in your past.

 Your future self is yet to be created by you here in the dense realm, and it exists as multiple potential selves, existing in a quantum state, waiting to be manifested

 All that exists is the present moment - being present in the moment - is the key to change  -What we create shall become.