Focus Point as a key to create reality

Focus Point
as a key to create reality

12 dec. 2018



Good morning beloved 

When you want to create a reality, your focus is really important! So be sure to focus on what you want to create, rather than what you do not want to happen.

The tendency of the mind and the logic, which are focused on a survival mode, is to run unwanted scenarios. This tendency shifts the focus to these unwanted scenarios, thus giving them power.

Shift your focus consciously to the reality you want. See it with your imagination, experience it through your emotions...

Amplify this reality with your senses: how does this reality look like, how does it feel, what colors does it have, sounds,  smells, taste,  touch ...

Bring this reality closer to you, embrace it and see it as possible, available, and achievable. Imagine with curiosity who you are within this reality ... how your new self looks like and present in it...

In doing so, you will create a powerful focal point for the realization of the desired reality ... Stay tuned to this point and maintain the focus, and if this reality is coordinated with your refined will and soul path - it will come true!

Your focus point will activate the brain and mind in a way that harnesses them to the refined will. Thus, your mind will receive a positive stimulation and begin to express ideas, inspiration, and proactive and practical ways to operate, which will reduce the power of the negative scenarios that the mind survival mode is used to activate...

Still, you'll probably ask what about all the negative scenarios that your mind is trying to run in order to be ready for any option...?

Trust yourself that you will know how to deal with challenges when they come to your life, if any, and thus you will greatly dilute these possibilities because they do not exist in the realm of reality you are focused on.

Remember, what you create shall become 

Yours with much love ❤