Equanimity as a tool for creating clarity and freedom

Equanimity as a tool for creating
clarity and freedom




Much has been said about the ability to fulfil objectives and goals.

The process of fulfillment begins with an ability to identify the inner emanation –the authentic inner desire and the profound Wishful Heart. This process requires us to peel away the layers of the psyche, as you would peel an onion, in order to reach the inner layers of the deep and distillate desire, which is unbiased and free of influence.

Once the pure desire has been identified and defined, it is to be connected to a clear vision and purpose.


Taking a deeper look into the terms – Vision, Purpose and Desire:

  • Vision – is the broad umbrella of values that contains inspiration, imagination, ingenuity, and a broad conceptual spectrum
  • Purpose –represents the objectives and goals, that change with each and every stage, providing the steps for manifesting the vision
  • Desire – is the force that motivates the psyche to actualize the purpose and vision

​Once we have created clarity that is connected to the vision, purpose and desire, we may begin to identify and decipher the inner mental and emotional forces that support the vision, purpose and desire, as well as the restraining mental and emotional forces.

These stages map out the operating forces active within us, so that we may manage the different facets of the self in a manner that supports the desire, and thus enlist the help of the psyche to support and fulfil the purpose.

This process is to be backed up by an additional step, one that is very practical, in which we create active actions which support and back up the fulfilment of the desire and the goals – Otherwise, what is the purpose of defining the distillate desire if we have not created actions that back up the desire?


Up until this point, all is well. However, when I observe processes such as these, I often notice that the defined desire and goals create a trap that the human ego easily falls into.

In situations such as these, the individual begins to become dependent upon the goals he has defined and is getting attached to the results.

This creates a diversion where objectivity is lost, and the urge to achieve the defined goals overflows the psyche with a sense of lack, competitiveness, criticism, judgement, fear of failure, frustration and more.

It is important to recognize that a dependency on results and attachment to goals can blind us, and might even strengthen an aggressive ego.

Thus, when you express an active and distillate will, when you define a vision, goal and purpose, be sure to maintain equanimity in regards to the goal you have set before you.

When I invite you to maintain equanimity, I can hear the voice of logic and reason – asking in wonder:

”How can I enlist will power, create perseverance, passion and diligence if I do not put all of my focus on the goal? Surely, equanimity will leave me indifferent and without motivation...?"

At this point we are required, first and foremost, to release prejudices regarding the concept of “Equanimity".

When the individual is in a state of equanimity, a state of full mental and emotional balance exists. This is a state that is free of discord that comes from identification with the gap existing between the desire and the actuality.

This is a mental and emotional situation where the individual maintains inner holism, and from this state of being he seeks to grow and reach for new achievements.

Equanimity holds the significance of an inner knowing that recognizes that where there is a pure and distillate Active Will, manifestation occurs.

This knowing releases fear and enhances the experience of Existential Confidence, in which the individual feels supported and upheld.

In a state of equanimity the individual maintains emotional and mental clarity that is not attached or dependent on results, and recognizes that the universe can fulfil the distillate will that emanates from the self in many ways.

This state of clarity allows the individual to manage the psyche in a responsible and honest manner, creating an inner initiating force that holds an independent desire. This desire leads to significance that creates the fulfilment of the vision and the achievement of the goal, without getting stuck or engrossed in the goal.

Meaning, equanimity does not harm inner initiating forces or lessen the significance of your desire, but rather balances and serves them.


The vision and the distillate will represent the "What".
The goal that you put before you represents the "How".
There are many different ways to achieve the goal.

Thus, equanimity allows for the optimal path to be revealed before us, because equanimity serves the What and is not dependent upon the How. 


And certainly you may ask:

Where will the motivation that leads to fulfillment come from when you are not dependent or attached to the results?

How will you know what direction to follow if the goal is not absolute?

The answer to this is: the impetus and initiating force will be based on curiosity, an open mind, flexibility, recognition of the abundance existing within and a true and candid passion that seeks to bring all this into fulfilment. This is the fuel that drives the human being…

Equanimity creates a spacious realm that is flexible, where desire can be fulfilled in a manner that coordinates with the goals you have put before you, as well as in a manner you could never have imagined.


Your desire paves the way for manifestation and fulfilment.

How will this come into being?

The universe can fulfil your desire in many different and diverse ways.

At times, when you embark the Wishing Train with a specific station as a destination in mind, you might seem to "miss" the station and find yourselves at a different station - A place that offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for fulfilling your goal, in ways you could have never imagined.

There are many different ways leading to fulfillment.

What we create – shall become