The equal right for Enhanced Fulfillment

The equal right for Enhanced Fulfillment





Thoughts about people as different and diverse who are not equal; the right for enhanced fulfillment and nurturing uniqueness and unity as the basis for the harmonious growth of human society

Humans are different and diverse.

Each and every one of us is a unique essense, one of a kind.

This is how it is here upon the Earth.

This is how it is in the Cosmos.

We are all part of a vast cosmic picture, being in a state of constant movement and development.

Each and every one of us is a pixel inside this vast picture. Each pixel is unique and also connected to the larger picture. 

This diversity and variety creates a dynamic mosaic that holds mutual enrichment and the ability to express different and diverse expressions which extremely enriches both the individual and the whole. 


On Earth, this uniqueness, by its essence, expresses an ensemble of components which creates who we are, defining our humanity, our thoughts, emotions, the different psyche characteristics, subjective point of view, our Active Will that seeks fulfillment and manifestation and Wishful Heart that seeks essence and meaning.

If we put 12 people into a room and tell them a story or present a collection of photographs, or if we pass 12 different people through a route that provides identical experience, we will receive 12 different descriptions that hold similar aspects, yet hold a unique, different and diverse point of view. 12 different worlds. 12 different realities. 


The ensemble of components which create the unique essence of each and every one, weave the life path of a human being who is destined to fulfill and manifest a cosmic spirit upon Earth.

All of our life paths are destined to be harmoniously intertwined, to sustain a joint collective reality and to support one another in a manner which creates nourishment and balance.

Our power as individuals and as a society depends very much on our ability to preserve our uniqueness and to nurture it, honor it, respect it while intensifying the acknowledgement of each individual, being an inseparable part of the whole, an integral part of a society that he influences and is influenced by.

Nurturing the uniqueness while nurturing unity intensifies the ability of a society to grow and sustain a constant multifocal process which is complete and balanced.

A human society which acts in clear linkage to nurturing the diverse and different individuals comprising it, will engrave on its flag tolerance, dialogue, compassion, love, openness, wisdom, and acknowledgment that everyone comes from the same source, different and diverse which all possess the same equal right to enhanced fulfillment.

The equal right for enhanced fulfilment of each individual will entitle the support and nurturing, provided that at its foundation, harmony exists towards the ethical umbrella which constitutes the common truth of the whole and the individual as one. 


We are not equal.

But each and every one has the same privilege for complete fulfillment adapted to one’s inner emanation.

And so, society is required to uphold different routes for personal development and fulfillment, which adapted to the wide social spectrum and their vast expressions.

Those are development routes which express equal opportunities, and provide for different channels to manifest the personal vision, which is intertwined in the collective vision. 


The ability of different and diverse individuals to simultaneously express uniqueness and unity lies in the evolution of consciousness and awareness, which brings to the recognition that diversity provides each and every one with a wide spectrum of possibilities that were otherwise not revealed to the subjective self.

The recognition that the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts, leads to a double envelopment movement that empowers the different individuals which comprise the whole, and empowers the whole by creating a clear linkage between the whole and all of its parts.

This is a transition phase that nurtures and cultivates the different schools, attitudes and shades, by empowering the common denominators and nurtures the collective vision that acts as an umbrella, providing the different point of views with a framework of values and ideas which define limitations and forms a safety mechanism.

This safety mechanism makes sure that the great diversity will serve both the individual and whole in a harmonious manner, adapted to the common truth and the Set of Values which provides the basis for society, holding synchronicity that shall coordinate between all channels of fulfilment and development. 


One can view this as an orchestra comprised of musicians playing many diverse and different instruments.

The musical score forms the common truth of all of the different musicians, who seek to express a joint musical creation.

The conductor of the orchestra is entrusted with staying faithful to the musical score and creating synchronicity between all musicians.

When each instrument is tuned and calibrated harmoniously to its uniqueness, and when all musicians play their unique role in a coordinated melody, a wonderful and harmonious musical composition and new meaning is expressed.

This is the comprehensive whole that is bigger than the sum of its diverse and different parts.