The Electromagnetic Network

The Electromagnetic Network




All of Creation is composed of networks connected with one another.

This is a colorful tapestry of different and diverse networks, representing different schools, shades and thresholds of consciousness. All of the different networks are connected to one another, by systems of linkage and coordination. These are the Louhar channels.


What is the Electromagnetic Network?

The Electromagnetic Network is an energetic net; an encoded field is held in place by the poles, containing a tremendous amount of data that holds all of the morphogenetic structures that defined the Earth Era and its regularity.

Those morphogenetic structures hold all the data that defines the regularity of the reality system of Planet Earth, as we know it. It includes the law of physics, chemistry, mathematics and geography; it includes the ecological environment, the attributes of the various habitats and species found on Earth, and their unique behavior and interactions; it includes our biological form as human beings, as well as our mental and emotional abilities, the spectrum of frequencies we are adapted and open to, our capabilities and much more.

The Electromagnetic Network continually coordinates Earth and its regularity, to the cosmic funding; synchronizing between Earth and the course of Creation, through the galactic center, enabling the reception of the carrier waves expressed by Creation, and coordinates them to the consciousness existing on the planet

Additionally, the Electromagnetic Network carries a frequency induction all the way to the planet's core.


The transition to the New Era

The multi-cosmic alignment and the transition into the regularity of the New Era is bringing forth a flow of new energetic systems of nourishment, in compositions that were not familiar to us.

These changes within the systems of nourishment influence and change the power centers within the Electromagnetic Network and the Planetary Networks.

The Electromagnetic Network contains precise data regarding the cosmic preparations,
on a vibrational and informational level, and therefore has an important role in the adaptation of Earth to the new regularity.


Coordination to the changing regularity

For a long time now the Electromagnetic Network is undergoing change, to suit the transition between eras and the changing regularity.

The Coordination of the power centers of the Electromagnetic Network to the comprehensive universal changes is entrusted to the cosmic being known as Kryon, who is working in service of the Louhar.

Kryon is a multi-focal coordinator of the Louhar, forming wirings and adaptations in the network, for coordinating it to the spatial change.

"…When the being Kryon was mentioned, you are to understand that he came and wired that network; and this wiring was meant to create appropriate calibration with the courses of Creation.

You are to understand that the Electromagnetic Field holds information regarding the poles, and the segmentation of the rotation and the axis, and courses of frequency induction, we would say. And because of this, when that network was updated, it created an update that allowed for a frequency force to be imported, containing information that supports the renewing era in relation to what you call, the ending era…"

The Supreme Cosmic Council, 20.2.2008


Shifting the power centers in the Electromagnetic Network

The Electromagnetic Network's adaptation to the new regularities and frequencies has continued over a long period of time. This is a supervised process carried out gradually in order to prevent instability.

The changes are being made within the power centers that defined energetic crossroads on the planet. Those places were many times known as energetic gateways or referred to as holy.

During the ending era, many of those centers have gradually lost their validity and strength, due to a drop of consciousness leading to misuse of the energetic funding.

At this present time, the Louhar is deploying an energetic foundation stabilizing a network of new coordinates, thus creating a clean slate for the formation of new foundations of light, from which the new era emanates.


The Personal Electromagnetic Network

As human beings, we also have a personal Electromagnetic Network. This is an energetic force field that is part of the Image and Form.

Coordinating the personal network to the changing spatial network, that is undergoing constant change, is instrumental for containing the comprehensive changes.

A lack of coordination can disrupt the transmission of data, creating imbalance, disorientation and disease.

When we connect ourselves to the network we can repair distortions, thus quickly creating balance and adaptations to the new frequencies.

Adapting the Earth's electro-magnetic network to the New Era's frequencies, and the adaptation of humans and Gaia, assist planet Earth in containing the comprehensive changes

Throughout Module 1 of the program for training Emissaries, the participants are granted with a unique access to the Electromagnetic Network, enabling the creation of quick adaptation to the changes it undergoes, as well as the ability to assist others in doing so.