"Being "Everything” or “Nothing

"Being "Everything” or “Nothing  

The pulsating and converging cycles
on the life path






Not all of us are willing to change.

There are many who hold on to self-definition, to all that is known and familiar, and are afraid to change.

The fixation on self-definition and all that is familiar creates an illusionary sensation of existential security:

❖ "I cannot change. This is who I am and with that I face the world”

❖ Or “this is the known and familiar world; I categorize it into fixed patterns, holding a definite opinion and a rigid perception of the world. This way, I know how to deal with whatever comes my way in everyday life”  

❖ Or “I define myself based on what I have accomplished and by the different roles I fulfill, and they are who I am (mother, father, spouse, daughter or son of, my occupation, my education or degree, political opinion, religious affiliation, money and property acquired, vehicle I drive in, body, looks and more)

This is how a glass ceiling is created; leaving the human being bound by patterns meant to create a sense of security, but in fact becomes a mechanism that prevents renewal, transformation and development.

Holding on to different images of the self and identifying with them, creates a situation where the person becomes a servant of the perceptions, trapped within them and limited by them without the ability to see what lies beyond.

This is a cycle of “slavery” which often creates an emotional and mental state of exhaustion, lack of vitality, frustration, cynicism, lack of hope and distress.

This prevents one from moving freely upon a life path that transitions from one developmental cycle to another in a constant motion of change and renewal.

In transformational process, where one transitions from one step of development to another, one undergoes constant changes that shed all that does not match the new developmental step, and awakens new qualities seeking to be expressed.

This is a constant process of inner renewal, recognizing that “I don’t know what I don’t know” and “what I do know is only a portion of a much wider spectrum that I would like to discover one step at a time”.

This brings about a willingness and openness to expand the boundaries of the self, allowing change to take place.

The inner change transforms the external reality and allows one to derive new meaning and a broad spectrum from one’s life path.

All life is built in cycles of pulsation and convergence.

The inner renewal is also created in the same manner – a process of pulsation and convergence.

This can be compared to a heart whose every beat channels new energy to the psyche and body.

What is a state of pulsation?

The pulse represents a collection of emotional and mental qualities and new fulfillment possibilities emanating from the understandings, accomplishments and development created so far.

The pulse gives birth to a new cycle on life’s path, opening a doorway to new experiences and new routes that were not revealed before.

The pulse is meant to give birth to a new self, emanating from the self that concluded its purpose.  This is a self with a multitude of mental and emotional characteristics and human qualities asking to be manifested.

The less the individual is attached to images or mental and emotional characteristics, and acknowledges the game of life upon the Earth, the easier it is to shed characteristics, habits and ways of conduct that have ended their role, allowing for new characteristics to be expressed.

What is a state of convergence?

As we move forward on the path of life, and complete a cycle of development, a convergence is created. The state of convergence allows for a summation of all the experiences, while preparing for a new cycle.

This summation is characterized by a time of inner quiet, during which a "restart" occurs, a sort of initialization of the personal life path. 

This restart during the quiet time of convergence, allows the soul to raise new presets, new packets of mental and emotional qualities compatible with the new pulsation asking to be manifested, and allows the person to shape a new self and move on to a new reality and a new chapter on the life path.

Restraining and blocking mechanisms of a new developmental cycle

Since humans identify with images and characteristics that define the self and provide a sense of certainty and existential security, a quiet time, which is characterized by a sense of “nothingness”, can arouse fear, stress, difficulty and concern.

❖     Who am I if I feel “Nothing”?

❖     What does it say about me?

❖     How will I move in the world when I am empty?

❖     If I am “Nothing” then am I “Zero”? Am I worthless?

❖     Who will I be without all the qualities that defined me?

❖     What do I stand to lose?

❖     How long will this continue?


These and other questions stem from a lack of understanding of the pulse and convergence cycles that characterize developmental processes of spiritual, consciousness, mental and emotional transformation.

The lack of understanding of the process that takes place, along with attachment, control, rigidity and fear, often blocks the new pulse that seeks to be expressed.

Thereby, leaving the person trapped in a cycle that has ended its function, unable to cross a threshold, thereby leading to frustration, difficulty, lack of nourishment, a sense of exhaustion, boredom and saturation.

All and nothing – devotion stemming from inner clarity

Understanding that “everything” stems from the state of “nothing” and that this state represents a pulse that restarts the human mental and emotional existence, provides the opportunity to devote ourselves to this movement with clarity, serenity, worthiness, trust and devotion.

Devoting oneself to the restart process, which represents a state of "pre-pulse", creates a deep inner sense of flow and renewal, resulting in an internal backing up of the developmental process, thereby dissipating the sense of fear stemming from the misinterpretation of “nothing".

As stated, within "Nothing" lies "everything" - a vast collection of latent potentials, waiting to be expressed.

The convergence state of “nothing” holds a sense of freedom and deep liberation, which characterize the dissolving  of areas in the psyche that have completed their function and the ignition of inner renewal that opens the door to a new pulse, a new cycle in the path of life, with a new abundance of possibilities.

When the pulse is created - a new cycle begins, everything is present and presented to us and that which we create, shall become.